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Nice information guys. I have a 4 day workout I will send over to you when at work Saturday.
This was created by a professional bodybuilder who was won competition and is sponsored by ON.
He is my manager at work

He will say it is also about your diet. Keep your diet clean where possible but as you just want enjoyment and see progress still do what you feel is best
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Fairley_46 (11-04-2018)
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Some very good advice here.

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I added 8lbs of muscle and lost 6lbs of fat over 12 weeks using this routine using an upper lower body split, 4 times per week:

I don't go to the gym, so got a small set-up in my garage. I found using adjustable dumbbells was great for when I didn't have a barbell to lift heavy weights, which you need to be doing, ideally.
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Well done on the weight loss pal, bet you feel more energetic just with that loss.

Personally I do full body only these days.

Mon - Gym - 45-50minutes, 6 exercises, maximum effort, minimal rest times.
Tue - some form of intensive cardio for 20-30 minutes
Wed - Either Gym - same times and effort as Monday, different batch of exercises OR Core exercises at home.
Thur - 20-30 min cardio again
Fri - Gym - same times effort as Monday, different batch of exercises.
Sat/Sun - rest.

Try to incorporate some Core exercises each day if possible.

Keep things enjoyable and you'll stay motivated pal.
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Originally Posted by Fairley_46 View Post
Hi all, had a quick look but couldn't manage to find anything.

I recently lost some weight, went from 13st 8 to hovering between 12 1 and 12 5

i have also recently joined the gym, just wondering if anyone out there can offer any advice. which muscle groups to i work out in 1 session, which exercises do i do to work those muscle groups etc.

Also have heard someone say that you should be looking to spend around 60-75 mins in the gym, is this right?

I am looking to visit the gym 3 or 4 times a week, my goal is i want to look good in a t shirt, i want people to think yeah he works out, i do not want to gain loads of muscle and become big.

can anyone offer any advise or assistance?

Thanks in advance

How did you lose the previous weight out of interest? Have you worked out before?

As most have said, you'll get multiple different answers and multiple things will work for you. Main thing is to find something that you want to do and can actually have a measurable goal.
Motivation is a huge part of any successful programme so if you're keen to get in the gym, put the hard work in and keep it consistent then results will happen.
From my experience if you stick with the base of bench, deadlift and squat and then treat everything else as an "accessory" to help those then you can't really go too far wrong. There's a 5x5 stronglift thread in The Sports and Fitness section on here and that has plenty of good advice, as well as training logs and results. Worth a subscribe if you can. Have a read through that if you get time, but if not then the main premise is either a 5x5 or a 531 workout. Both feature core compound movements, with low reps, low incremental increases and just constant progression. If you have any more questions or can't be bothered to read through the 5000 posts in there () then just drop me a pm or ask on here and I'll try and help.

As you workout more and more, you'll get a feel for how your body recovers and what you like and don't like and then you can just tweak the workouts from there.

Probably the most critical piece of advice I'd give would be to just be patient, consistent and learn to perform the lifts correctly regardless of weight. You'll gain far more results (and respect...) from using lighter weights with good form than ego lifting and throwing it around like a fool half repping everything...
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gym workout exercise

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