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ODK Wax Our aim is to offer luxury car care products but at a realistic price point. All our waxes are handmade and hand poured in the UK, focusing on looks, performance and protection. Only the finest ingredients go into our waxes including high grade T1 carnauba and bees wax, as well as other waxes along with an array of high quality fruit and nut oils to give the very best results. All our waxes come in a high quality 50ml, 100ml and 200ml black glass jars, the 200ml waxes come in our luxury boxes and an applicator pad.

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Today was an odk day


odk revere the new kid on the block how is it ?

i got a sample with a liquid group buy on detailing world. New version with the natural colour and changed scent which I understand adds something to the party.

Natural colour, pleasant fruit scent subtle but nice.

So todays test beast my C250 coupe was washed with other odk products bought in the group buy (see separate review) and wiped down with carpro eraser, paint was fully prepped couple of weeks ago.

I read that dan says don't overcure as it can be difficult to remove. So bearing this in mind I divided the roof into four quarters. i chose to use a odk mini applicator to lay down a single layer. Awesome applicators and you need to make some big' uns dan.

So first quarter applied and removed straight away no dramas and great finish. I then decided to apply too quarters 2&3 consecutively so quarter 2 had maybe 4/5 mins cure time. It buffed off easily with same great finish. Quarter 3 I left for 10 mins and there was more effort required to remove so my conclusion is around 5 mins cure ���� which is what I did for quarter 4.

The finish a very deep gloss with pinsharp sharp reflections as shown in the pics. A nice blend of reflection and depth, different than I have seen before.

I have also read read that if kept dry and left for 24 hours the finish will further cure and improve, so car is tucked away in garage and I await Monday morning.

The finish meant meant I had to add this to my daily long term ceramic test of 4 new waxes, only panel left was front bumper so no easy gig there.

Value for money ? Obviously beading, durability etc is untested but as many have said this is an impressive product. So it's a yes from me at this stage.

Odk cabin

ODK cabin - picked this up in a group buy on detailing world 3x liquids for £30 inc a sample of revere, great value.

So unusually for me I haven't dabbled much in interior products as early on in my detailing lifespan discovered Adams interior detailer, loved it and stuck with it.

Cabin is a green colour 500ml product wth a fruity scented I would guess at pear or kiwi, comes with small spray head which unlocks to provide a fine spray mist when trigger pulled. Lime and cranberry scent apparently.

Applies really well and just spray and wiped with mf cloth I used a autoglym interior mf today. The product deals with all the various plastics in the interior really well, particularly deals with piano black in my other car really well no streaks ��.

The finish is very nice and a good balance of satin finish, not overly Matt as some can be, ideally how I like it.

Would I change anything product wise probably not but I'm not a fan of the small sprayheads, can't hold and spray with one hand comfortably however it does mist really well.

I was very happy with the finish on a par with my favourite and will certainly be using and purchasing again. Well done Dan Priestley not used many odk liquids before but this one is a keeper.

Odk arctic and jet

Odk arctic snowfoam and jet shampoo

Picked this pair up in a agroup buy on detailing world 3x liquids £30 with revere sample.

I haven't used many odk liquids before today just entourage so these two along with cabin (separate review) are new to my arsenal.

Arctic snowfoam a really pleasant light blue liquid with a pleasant scent. I added about half inch to my lance, I have read it dilutes very well usually would add about an inch, topped with warm water. The product is very liquid and not gel like as many snowfoam.

As can be seen on the photo it foamed really well surprised me in fact, nice thick foam that clinged well, left to dwell for 10 mins and rinsed off with the karcher . The car wasn't ver dirty but you could see a difference after the rinse.

So next was jet shampoo, a squirt in the bottom of my wash bucket, a dark colour liquid unusual for shampoo. Added warm water and washed the car with klin microfibre wash mitt. Not a huge amount of foam but very smooth over the paintwork and importantly a pure shampoo which doesn't leave anything on the paint, no issues with spotting and used it with a Wowo mf mitt on the wheels again no issues.

Two products worth considering if you are in the market for new snowfoam or shampoo.

Photos to follow

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Great review mate.
I am also a fan of odk product.

I have not tried arctic yet but will do soon.
I got to agree with you about the spray heads. To small to use comfortably. Car looks spot on by the way.

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Thanks Rob, arctic is good very loose liquid which is unusual for a snowfoam, make sure close cap cos if knock it over it's gone.

I just don't really like the small sprayheads full stop, ok on a 250 ml bottle but anything bigger and my fingers just don't bend like that lol.

Couple pics finished car

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Obi- Dan Karnubi
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Thanks for taking the time to review the products and glad you enjoyed them
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