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The Insurance Zone Want to insure your ride but not sure of wheres best.. Well, put a post here and others should be able to help!

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Old 07-08-2017, 12:47 AM   #1
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Instant regret

Insurance was up for renewal (from about 25 minutes from now actually, but we'll get to that), Aviva hiked my premium 16% from last year and couldn't give me a satisfactory reason why, so I looked around. Comparison sites saved me a bit, but all wanted me to phone them, seemingly because bolting on a piece of plastic means the online systems can't cope.

Anyway, filled out the online forms for Adrian flux, as I thought I'd heard good things about them. Said I'd receive an email shortly with details of the quote. 4 days later, got the email "phone us for our best deals".

Put it off for a bit, cos I hate using the phone, but I had to in the end. Spoke to a nice young lady, very helpful, went through all the details again but got the date wrong. She said the 6th but then for herself and said "you wanted it to start from the 7th, didn't you?" Confirmed, and she said she'd change that. Obviously their script must be adhered to, as she came back with "I've got you a fantastic price" which was £50 more than the lowest quote which I'd told her, with a £300 excess. Anyway, managed to get the excess down, and the cover included a few non standard bits so seemed reasonable. Paid for it, job done.

Details came through, checked through it, as they requested (I do anyway), start date 6th.
No problem, I thought, I'll drop them an email and ask them to change it.

2 days later, email response - yes, we can do that, £30 admin fee. For their error.

Took to Twitter, they responded to say someone would be in touch.

Another pleasant call handler, but didn't seem to grasp why their error being corrected costing me £30 was an issue. The policy hadn't even started yet.
"You can dual insure for up to 30 days"
"It's not as simple as changing the date, we have to cancel the policy and start again"
Not my fault, not my problem.

Anyway, I got fed up of banging my head against a brick wall and just accepted the day's overlap.

Limited mileage policy, so they requested my odometer reading at the start of the policy. Got an email 3 days ago telling me I hadn't filled that in yet. That's cos I didn't know until today what the reading would be.

Anyway, I won't be renewing this time next year, and can't say I'd recommend them. Absolute shambles with an antiquated computer system by the sounds of things. God help me if I need to claim in the next 12 months!
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Old 07-08-2017, 12:49 AM   #2
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Adrian Flux are a terrible company.
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Old 07-08-2017, 01:16 AM   #3
Washmitt Meister
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I phoned for a quote and spoke to a very horrible lady with a bad attitude.

Went through all the details over the phone and then she said I'd been involved in an accident in 2016.
No, I haven't.
Yes, you have. The system says so.
blah blah blah, she said she'd find out what it was...

She called back and said she couldn't find out what it was but I should look into it.
I asked 'Can you tell me who to contact to get some more information?'
She said, 'Well, Google it or something because I don't know. '

Fine. What the price please...
Ok, well thats more than I've been quoted elsewhere for less cover but thanks.
'Whats my best quote so far and I said £1050 including legal cover, courtesy car and extra injury cover. Looking online it was actually £1300 from Admiral including all those bits but she was rude so didn't need to know that' My renewal came in at £1900 from Admiral.

15 minutes later the phone rings. 'Hello Mr. Ashleyman I can do it for £1000'.
'Does that include the extras?
'What extras? Legal cover and all that stuff? Nope, they cost extra.
'How much?'
Don't know'

It was like speaking to a car salesman who forever had to go back to the sales manager and check things and get permission to offer figures.

I ended up saying if it's this hard to get a quote how is it going to be if I have an accident. Told her I wouldn't progressing the quote and hanging up.

Haggled HARD and ended up renewing with Admiral for £1100. £800 discount from the renewal letter and £35 less than their best quote on money supermarket.
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Old 07-08-2017, 01:55 AM   #4
Orbital Oracle
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I wouldn't use Flux if they paid me to be insured with them. Utterly f'ing useless. I had many issues with them but the main ones were;

Cancelling my insurance for not completing a modified vehicle form. I completed it on 3 occasions, twice they signed for it recorded delivery!?! Didn't bother to write or notify me that they'd cancelled it but still took monthly direct debit payments. I only found out after I was stopped for speeding and phoned up for a copy of my policy. I'd been driving around for weeks uninsured and completely oblivious. Thankfully someone I knew claimed I worked for them and so I completed the producer with their traders policy. Could have got a ban for that. Knowing what I know now I should've got the Ombudsman involved.

Another occasion I phoned up to pay the rest of my policy. They didn't try to take the payment for another 3 MONTHS!?!?!

A friend renewed his policy with Flux by cheque. Funds left his account (paid the year in full) yet Flux didn't start the policy. Some guy hits his car outside the off licence so he reports it to the police. He has to produce his documents at the station, phoned Flux to find out they didn't start the policy!?! Ended up being taken to court and got points on his licence.

To say Flux are crap would be praising them to be honest.
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Old 07-08-2017, 04:24 AM   #5
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I am the same, I totally cannot be bothered going through the motions on the telephone. I've not rang for an insurance quote for about 15 years when I'd be finding motorcycle insurance, ringing each company only to reach the end and receive a huge quote.

Nowadays mine's cheap as chips, 30 year old, ST with Mountune kit, most it has ever been is £350 and that includes business cover.
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Old 07-08-2017, 06:07 AM   #6
Washmitt Meister
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I tried the last year to get an agreed value policy for my octavia and agree they were useless over the phone. Took so long to get a quote and couldn't be sure what the policy covered. I'm 28 and now have all my cars, Octavia vRS, fabia vRS and Hyundai i10 insured through Sheila's wheels, the most I pay is 290 and that's because my wife is a new driver and main driver on the i10. All mods are declared and the vRS's too, Octavia is under 200 a year but only does 50 miles if that and fabia is 250 a year. For me they were miles more competitive than any other company and provided better service. I work with Aviva but for my age they are way too expensive.
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Old 07-08-2017, 11:10 AM   #7
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Just to put the other side of the coin...I've just renewed with Adrian Flux without any issues at all.

The renewal was £40 more than last year with no changes for me. Checked a comparison site, could have got it about £20 cheaper with LV but couldn't be bothered to go through all that hassle for a £20 saving. Everyone else was much more expensive.

Renewed online by credit card, received documents by email, never even spoke to them, job done.
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Old 07-08-2017, 11:16 AM   #8
Orbital Oracle
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AF have this price matching promise, and also a 'specialist' vehicle department, so I'd insured the 3 wheeler with them for 10+ years.

One year though, I looked around, and found one £20 cheaper (total prem around £120), so a big % difference. So I put it to AF who matched it no problem.

But the next year, it'd gone up to £160-ish, so I looked around again, and found I could save just under £50 by going elsewhere. Bearing in mind I do no more than 1000 miles a year in it, any saving is worthwhile!

I moved to the cheaper insurer, , and waited for AF to chase me, which they did. I have to say I 'suggested' to them that offering the price match was the lazy way of keeping business - let someone else do the research, then just tailor their figures to match. Trying it on once was OK, but each year? Not at my expense, and it makes me wonder how much I could have saved over the years, if I'd looked around.

I believe AF are brokers, not actually the insurer. Presumably they had offered me the best price from their available insurers, (well at least I hope they had) so who was funding my price match £50 discount?

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Old 07-08-2017, 11:35 AM   #9
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I use Chris Knott for all my insurance needs and whilst they are a broker they are incredibly helpful and in the few years i have used them always found them really helpful and will genuinely do their best to beat or equal a like for like quote.

Plus the more policies you have you get more discounts.
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Old 07-08-2017, 11:41 AM   #10
OCD Sufferer (Obsessive Car Detailer)
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i thought it was just me that found them difficult to deal with!

this was a rant from when i took my policy out.....

i've just insured the ST via Flux and i don't think i'll use them again..... what a bloody carry on! set this up tuesday and got a text this morning threatening to cancel my policy if i didn't send documents in ( i haven't been asked for any up to this point ) i thought it was a scam at first so was going to ignore it but thought i'll give it a try, was told i need to send the following in:

DVLA check codes for both me and my 2 named drivers

copies of driving licenses for all 3 people again

proof of NCB ( this i get which is easy)

modified vehicle report form

i mean what the hell do i need all this for? points 3 & 4 i get but the other 2 are pretty pointless IMO surely they can just get this from DVLA?

i've just set my insurance up on the FR no problems, no qustions asked!

i only want to get my car insured i aint applying to be a bloody asylum seeker!
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