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Detailingworld Review – CarCare-SB Сrystal – Ceramic Quartz Glass Protectio

Detailingworld Review – CarCare-SB Сrystal – Ceramic Quartz Glass Protection


Firstly thanks to the guys and gals over at CarCare SB for sending over the Crystal for review.

CarCare SB are new on the DW scene with a varying range of their own branded protection products. On their website they say:

Check them out at

The Product

The product arrived, in my opinion, a very well packaged and presented box. Nice branding, colour scheme and overall first impression.

CarCare SB say about Crystal:

" CarCare-SB Сrystal – Ceramic Quartz Glass Protection, сan effectively protect the glass surfaces. It offers an extremely durable glass layer that protects about 1 year glass surfaces against acid rain, road movie and harmful UV rays.

Transparent protection forms an effective nano-film on glasses, mirrors and headlights of the vehicle, as a shield against water and stains. Protects windows from abrasion, wear and salty air. As an extremely fast rain-repellant, Transparent ensures crystal clear vision enhancing driving safety under heavy raining conditions, in particular for the windscreen. Its clear vision results are effectively observed at 60km/h speed in bad weather. Vehicle glasses and mirrors stay clean from mud and dirt, reducing cost of cleaning and frequent care."

For more info see:

The Method

The car I was trying this out on was my 2013 Nissan Juke and it was due a maintenance wash after being neglected of a wash for 1 month.

The car was given a normal wash and dry with the glass being decontaminated with fallout remover and then a clay. The car was then brought indoors so the glass could get some more attention. I was only focusing on the front and rear screens, not and of the side windows or mirrors. The packaging didn't say, but after reading the website I noticed they state headlights too. I then set about polishing the glass with a cerium oxide based polish, and the lights with a light polish to ensure they were nice and fresh for coating.

Everything that was polished was then panel wiped to remove polishing oils.

For the sake of future testing and durability I taped up the headlights like this:

And the rear screen like this:

I hope that this will allow me to easily tell where has been coated, how it performs (beading, sheeting, washing etc) and also some idea of durability.

The CarCare SB guys then say on their website to:

Pour a few drops or one small strip onto the suede wrapped applicator Сrystal – Ceramic Quartz Glass Protection into the treated surface . Gently wipe off with microfiber cloth any excess within 5-10 min. Full dry time with no rain 24 hours. Any water marks during first 24 hours must be wiped off.

So after setting myself up with some PPE

I set about applying.

I put on 1 strip down the middle of the applicator

On applying it did feel like it hazed up very quickly, didn't feel too oily or like it could spread for a long time. Larger panes of glass would defo need splitting into more than 2 sections IMO

To me it didnt feel like it hazed, more like a drying feeling (hard to explain in written words)

Once applied it looked like this. (Not too easy to picture)

I set my timer for 5 minutes as my application time was 3 minutes, this giving me 8 minutes from first section application.

With the instructions saying 5-10 minutes I felt comfortable with this time.

The personal instructions given to me by CarCare SB were to use 2 MF's for removal, one damp and one dry, otherwise it would be "difficult to achieve absolute glass transparency"

So here are my 2 towels

Removal was an absolute pig! The wet towel did nothing more than smear the residue about, it didnt really lift or remove it at all. The 1 dry MF had all the work to do and to remove all the smearing with 1 MF was a nightmare. In certain areas it almost felt like it had cured on and was stiff to remove, like I had left too long. So after I was happy the coating residue was removed I checked the instructions on the box again, it said 5-10 mins. So I read the bottle, it said 3-5 mins!

Not particularly chuffed with that I thought that a lesser time may have made removal of residue easier, so I set about with a second coat. The box doesnt say you can do this but I had asked the question to CarCare SB and they said it is possible to do, and to leave 15 mins between 1st and 2nd coat.

So this time I applied a second coat only to the front screen, hoping that I may see some durability or performance differences between the 1 coat areas and the 2 coat areas.

I learnt from my first coat so applied to the windscreen and let it cure for only 2.5 mins with a 2 min application time. I removed the residue this time with 2 dry MF's instead of having 1 dampened.

This time removal was much easier, no smearing of residue from the damp MF and all the screen buffed away much easier.


Just something else I wanted to point out which was a little frustration of mine. Nothing major and most people wouldn't be bothered, but to me it was a real annoyance.

In with the kit came a little sticker for the screen which says about the fact there is a coating on so people know and hopefully don't mess about with the car when in services, garage etc.

I really like these normally but this one I just couldn't use. It was only one sided so when stuck on the glass you would just see a white back from the outside. The wording didn't make much sense (it didn't really seem to know what message it was trying to say)

It has a spelling mistake, and also doesn't tell you what area of the car is coated. I would have preferred if it was bespoke to the coating, or even a generic sticker with a tick box system or something.

Just a small gripe of mine, but I feel it could have made the difference to make this product feel a little more of a luxury.

See if your agree.......


The website shows the prices at:

$18.85 for 50ml kit

Would I use it again?


At this point of the review of the product I wouldn't. I'm no professional and I've not done a huge amount of ceramic coating work, but out of the 4 different glass coatings I've used this is the most awkward in terms of application and other issues with the product. If I wanted to go and get my glass coated on a different car, this wouldn't be the first I would jump for (at this point, the performance may be amazing and change my views)


In conclusion this may be a good product, but at this point I have no idea. Im by no means a professional detailer and have only used a handful of coatings but i didn't enjoy the application and removal, the damp cloth method made my life more awkward and the confusion around curing time didn't help. I feel the packaging is so close to being great, but just the little things of the sticker being wrong (IMO) and the difference between box and bottle instructions. There's nothing about this product to sway me to want to use it compared to some of the others I've used or the 'big boys' of ceramic coatings.
Although the glass did look nice and clean/clear after, also to note I hadn't cleaned the inside of any glass when pictures were taken

"Detailingworld reviewer has followed the Manufacturer's Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "

Review done at this stage at the request of the supplier, updates will follow to discuss product performance and durability

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