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Yellow Dave
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Originally Posted by Rian View Post
So polishing a car doesnt remove clear coat (lacquer) best tell the news papers as every one must be miss informed.

Polishing paint removes lacquer, Polishing your removes lacquer.

Re-lacquering headlights vs sealing them if a big difference and to get good results with Re-lacquering you would need to take them inside, properly prep and leave them to cure, most people don't have someway they can do that, or 24hours to leave headlights of their car, I have to take my bumper of to take mine out ffs and with the substratebeing clear plastic any imperfections would be more visible.

We ALL KNOW Re-lacquering is the most durable but not the most piratical
Really like the tone of your reply.

When polishing or correcting your paintwork, are you 'completely' removing 'all' the clearcoat in the same way that you do when sanding headlights? I'd be very worried if you are.

And in reference to sealing or re lacquering the headlights. I'm pretty sure I said the similar. Some people can remove their headlights with a few simple bolts. It was a suggestion. Nothing that he 'has' to do. But I wasn't going to tell him to do one or the other, just give them options
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I applied protective film as it had the benefits of protecting against stones as well. I do a fair amount of driving on unsealed roads.

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When I attended the Autoglym open day, they demonstrated their headlight restoration kit. (And to be fair to them it was a very capable and easy to use kit)

The question was asked, whether the headlight should then be "sealed" with "something" to prevent the clouding re-occurring. The response from Autoglym, was that they had tested various sealants and none was successful.

Having seen their testing lab, I have little reason to doubt them. If they could identify something that they could sell I am sure they would.

I have never had a cloudy headlight to deal with, so I cannot provide a personal perspective.
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I tried re-lacquer a pair of sanded and polished headlamps.
Keyed them with 2000 again and used 2k lacquer.
They looked brilliant, but at MOT time the pattern was not there anymore and the vehicle failed.
Don't know if this was caused by the sanding and polishing or by the lacquer.

What is funny this was on an E class Mercedes, they where as dull and yellow as you can get, however my neighbor has an little 11 year old Hyundai and the headlamp still look as new.
Is always parked outside and used daily, how can a budget car have better material than a premium make?
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