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Old 07-03-2020, 07:18 PM   #381
Washmitt Meister
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Originally Posted by steelghost View Post
So, there's been a lot of threads (and PMs!) about this topic - upgrading hoses, guns and lances on "normal" PWs, and extending home setups (hose reels, water butts and pumped water setups) etc. So I thought it was worth kicking off a thread where folks can post their own setups, ask questions about upgrades they're thinking about and get inspiration and ideas from what others are doing. I'll kick off by copying my post from this thread...


Mine is a bit of a mongrel of a setup:

Kranzle HD7/122

Kranzle M2000 standard gun, adapted to 19.5mm inlet quick release and Kew outlet quick release
MTM Hydro "Astra" wash gun adapted to same connections as above

Standard Kranzle flat jet, Dirtkiller and underbody lances adapted to Kew quick release
Pressure Washer Parts UK "cranked" lance 450mm with interchangeable nozzles
DIY "Shortie" lance with female QR straight into Kew probe so interchangeable nozzles can be attached straight onto the end of either gun

Foam lance adapted to Kew QR (again, for use on either gun)

15m hose on a reel with Mosmatic swivel at gun end
Original Kranzle 10m hose with 19.5mm QR fittings - can be used standalone if I take the machine elsewhere or as an extension to hose on reel if needed.

DIY mobile platform for PW to allow for easier movement (some large castors attached to a piece of plywood, essentially)

All sits on / hangs off a DIY bracket / hanger / system organiser in the garage.


DIY bracket

DIY bracket, other side.

Both guns

Lances - top to bottom, underbody, flat jet, Dirtkiller, cranked, shortie Vario, shortie (interchangeable nozzles)

Foam lance adapted for Kew QR

Platform rear view - shock cord secures the machine on top

Platform side view - the grubby MF is by way of insulation to keep the warmth in from the trace heating cable wrapped around the pump head

QR for machine outlet. You can see the camlock inlet and the trace heating cable as well

Original Kranzle hose adapted for 19.5mm QR

My Mosmatic swivel on the end of the 15m hose on the reel

Adapted hose so I can connect a normal hose to the machine (normally it runs off a 25mm ID hose from the water butts, to a camlock connector on the inlet)

Edit - I've added some of the recent (and not so recent!) threads that made me think to start this one, which may also be useful:

Rob D 88's K4 Change Of Gun Thread
andyfish's PW upgrade thread (specifically regarding DIY options for a new PW build)
Whizzer's shortie lance thread
steelghost's running a PW off a waterbutt thread (with particular emphasis on parts and fittings needed to achieve sufficient flow rate)
bigbruiser's K4 lance upgrade thread

Any others you think would be useful to include here, PM me and I'll edit this post.
Where did you get the kranzle to kew QR adaptors? I have them on my current petrol washer bit want some now for me K10 arriving this week
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Old 22-06-2020, 01:50 PM   #382
Washmitt Meister
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Has anyone compared the mtm stainless bent 50cm lance to mosmatic(obsessed garage) 50cm lance? I wonder which one is lighter and better in hand? And is there any other place in uk to purchase that mtm wand other than excel
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Old 24-06-2020, 12:51 AM   #383
Orbital Oracle
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This is from the Obsessed Garage site:

This is the OG spec Mosmatic Stainless Steel Wand. The wand is 20" long and has a built in stainless plug on the inlet and has an extremely high quality and precise a 1/4" coupler on the outlet. This design reduces potential failure points of my previous version. The inlet plug and outlet 1/4" coupler are much more precise than any other. You'll notice in the photos that the nozzle assembly now quickly disconnects from the head of the wand for use on the outlet of any gun.

and thank you for letting me know about Excel Detailing stocking the wand
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Old 25-07-2020, 10:58 AM   #384
c j h
Washmitt Meister
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i’m interested in a new trigger and lance set up for my nilfisk e150.2, don’t want a new hose as i like the standard reel hose, has one one tried this? thoughts

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Old 19-08-2020, 11:43 PM   #385
Unwashed Member
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Could someone explain or link me to the best quick release couplings / system to use please?

I've got a Comet pressure washer and recently bought a new gun from my local specialist but it's all based on M22.

I may get myself a Kranzle in the future if that makes a difference?
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Old 30-08-2020, 07:21 PM   #386
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If anyone’s looking for a trolley to mount their PW onto, Lidl have these on special:

For £20 they are not bad, box says 150kg but instructions say 100kg, 100kg seems about the max I would want on it.

The wheels need to be bolted on, I added a few washers to space it correctly and stop it crushing the rails underneath.

The bed can be expanded or shrunk, handle does up and down as well:


Considering a Kranzle 1050 but no wheels so hoping this might be just the ticket to make it mobile when needed (if anyone ever gets any stock...)
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diy, pressure, upgrade, washer

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