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Projects and Restorations Building a car from scratch, restoring your pride and joy, building a track car, or starting a long term project? This is your place to document it.

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Originally Posted by ibiza55 View Post
Usually has something to do about getting older, but I have to agree, these look like they can do the job and will, not climbing curbs is all the new ones will ever see.
Haha yeah, I'd probably agree with that. I've always liked the idea of adding modern parts and stuff to older shape cars.
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Jan '15 - Dec '15

April 2015 -

The Land Rover bug didn't take long to spread through the family. My Mum decided she wanted one too - and she wasn't getting her hands on mine. The Freelander was much more suited to her needs (largely because it isn't too tall for most multi storey car parks like the Discovery is!). I thoroughly researched them and sorted her out with an '05 Freelander 1 TD4 HSE Station Wagon.

I didn't need another Land Rover to be underneath every 5 minutes, so we went for a late model with the BMW sourced TD4 engine. It has been a brilliant car and thoroughly reliable.

It's much more car-like to drive than my Discovery. My main criticism is the driving position though - I'm not tall and I really struggle for head room in either front seat. It does have a surprising level of kit for the age though - heated leather seats, heated front screen, sat nav, Harman/Kardon audio, electric folding mirrors etc.

May 2015 -

A couple of pictures from a greenlaning trip, I got stuck and was very proud of it.

In May 2015 I traded in my Golf GTI for a BMW M135i, however the Discovery was always my baby. The BMW was lethal in the wet or cold, so they both very much had their purposes!

The air conditioning had never worked in the Discovery, so as the weather began to warm up, I saw a group-on deal for an air conditioning re-gas. I had this carried out and the A/C worked beautifully on the drive home ... it never worked again after that!! I'm guessing there's a considerable leak somewhere.

Maybe one day i'll get it sorted, but there always seems to be something more important to do on it instead.

September 2015 -

MOT time - Just seconds after the MOT tester had been saying what a tidy example my Discovery was - he came running back in and said "It's pouring oil everywhere!"

The large oil pipe which leads to the oil filter housing had chosen that moment to come loose and gush engine oil all over the MOT centre. They tightened it back up for me and it was fine.

Rather embarrassing that they had to mop up after I left!

The car passed with no advisories! Hilariously, this was the only year it hasn't had an advisory for 'Oil leaks'!!!

Mileage at MOT 139,000

I fitted some clear front indicator lenses, painted black around the edges to match the headlights.

With the MOT out the way, I did a few more housekeeping jobs. I changed the thermostat - not that it was an issue, but the heater was quite slow to warm up on cold mornings. This helped out massively.

Next was a new lift pump (which takes the diesel from the tank to the engine) as mine was getting a little lazy.

I also carried out a change of all the oils and filters which I do annually.

At the Peterborough LRO show I found a Bahama Beige centre console/arm rest for sale on one of the many autojumble stalls. It's from a Discovery 2 - but is the same fit, with the benefit of having the trademark curry hook (somewhere to hang your takeaway!) and a padded leather arm rest which matches the piping on my seats by pure fluke.

I found it just as we arrived at the show and wasn't comfortable leaving it with the dodgy looking seller - so had to carry it around for some time!

It wasn't from a car with electric seats, so I had to very carefully cut holes to fit the controls.

October 2015 -

I was able to source a new-old stock dashboard in the correct Bahama Beige - still in its packaging! A Land Rover dealer had bought several in the early 2000's to cover warranty repairs (as there was a problem with cracking dashboards) and this one never got used.

I bought the corresponding glovebox, gauge cluster surround etc and installed it. It was a hell of a job removing the whole dashboard and everything attached to it!

I had never liked the look of the 'Holy S*** Handle' on the passenger side dash. This is fitted to non-airbag cars. So, in the colour swap I opted to buy an airbag for the passenger side. I think this makes the dash much cleaner looking.

As my car doesn't have airbags, I got my usual Land Rover chap to remove the airbag from the housing - leaving me with just the trim piece. I also didn't have to pay him to do this, as he has kept the airbag to set off in some spectacular fashion in his field

Here it is after installing the dash and centre console

December 2015 -

I also stumbled upon a centre console trim from a D2 in Walnut on eBay. This replaces the rubber mat found on both the D1 and almost all D2's. I thought it would really support the 'specced up' look. I'm not a fan of wood trim in most cars - but in an old Discovery it just seems right!

At the same time, I upgraded the gear gaiters, as the ones I replaced when I got the car were already showing some wear. I opted for a set of proper leather gaiters with beige stitching.

In addition to the walnut centre console , I purchased an unashamedly stick-on walnut dash trim kit. I applied it sparingly - leaving some of the pieces off so not to over-do it. I love the finished product.

A beige retractable load cover was next, not much to say about that - other than that it was incredibly expensive to post due to its length!

Santa brought me a rear ladder and worklight for christmas. I had been after the rear ladder as I really like the look. It was fitted to Safari models although technically is a bit useless as neither my car nor the Safari model are fitted with a roof rack! It is actually quite useful for cleaning the roof, as it allows you to climb on top if you're a bit short like I am!

The ladder slots over the top of the tailgate and bolts through it near the registration plate. I drilled a hole and fitted the LED work light to the top of the ladder. There isn't really anywhere suitable to fit it on the body without it getting ripped off in car parks!

It only fits in some multi storey car parks as it is, and generally they have clearance for 198cm which is only 1.2cm taller than the car! I did clatter into the height restriction barrier of one of my local multi storeys and very embarrassingly had to reverse back out!!

My Dad's also received some goodies in the shape of an A-bar, spots and snorkel.

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Really looks rugged and mean, I like it a lot.
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A great read. Thanks for sharing. When you look at the cost, you certainly got a lot of car for your £. Great research on the battery drain problem.

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I absolutely love threads like this bud. The big Disco looks amazing now. Keep the updates coming!!!


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Great thread, looking forward to the next update. I think you are doing yourself a dis-service ref your scrap comment against mine but thanks for the compliment.

This might be of use!

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Jan '16 - Dec '16

February 2016 -

As I began to need more switches for various gadgets, I wanted a tidier solution. I found the perfect thing online. A 3 gang carling switch mount which replaces the coin tray in the dash board - however it wasn't as simple as buying it. It was a 3d model, so I had to have it 3d printed by a member on 3d Hubs - it was only around £18 delivered, which seems reasonable for someone making you a one-off product!

You will probably be familiar with carling switches - they are used on many vehicles where there isn't an appropriate switch or button available.

I ordered 3 switches and hooked up my air horn, reversing camera and rear work light. It's a really neat solution. Seen in the below picture on the left hand side. The switches are illuminated with the rest of the dash in matching green.

April 2016 -

One more grey interior part that needed changing was the carpet, the obvious choice would be to fit a beige carpet set. However, they are all ruined and filthy by this age. Instead, I took the good carpet in my car and dyed it black. I initially tried Dylon but only succeeded in dying the garage floor for some reason, it just wouldn't take to the carpet!!

What actually worked brilliantly was Autoglym black trim dye. I don't have any specific pictures of the dyed carpet but you can see it in the below picture.

May 2016 -

We went to Yarwell for a pay & play day. As the name suggests - you turn up, pay a bit of cash and do whatever you want in an off road heaven! It was a fantastic day, my Discovery was on road tyres at the time, but was unbelievably capable considering it isn't modified for off road use and has the low hanging front bumper and side steps.


Through sheer bad luck, the first part we drove into - my Dad's Defender got stuck deep - I couldn't get enough traction to pull him out, a chap in a Mitsubishi trying to help him also got stuck. He ended up being winched out by site staff. We didn't see anything but insanely modified cars trying (and failing) to get through it after that.

My lasting memory of Yarwell was the sand which gets everywhere. I think we both need some time to forget before we do it again! You'll see the light orange coloured sandy mud on various parts of the car i've changed since - you just can't get it all off!

As soon as I got home, I spent an hour pressure washing to get the mud/sand out of every crevice whilst it was still wet. I always do this when I've been off road, in the hope that it'll keep the rust at bay just a little longer.

The state of my drive afterwards ... this took months to wash away.

This was what I was greeted with when I popped my bonnet!

Luckily being very simple, you can just pressure wash it all off.

The next week, I gave it a proper wash and a hand polish with AG SRP, then a coat of FK1000P and dressed the plastics etc.

A picture with my Grandad's Disco 2

June 2016 -

My gear lever went weird at some point in 2015 - It would no longer centre properly. This turned out to be a common problem - the bias plate breaks, meaning one of the springs doesn't sit against the gear lever properly. I fitted a new bias plate and springs - the gear shift is SO much more direct feeling now.

July 2016 -

The Discovery took over as my only car when I sold my M135i. It stepped up and looked after me well until this summer when I got my MINI in the thread linked on page 1. I didn't have many issues during this time - I think using these cars daily helps a lot to keep everything running properly. The main thing that went wrong wasn't the car's fault at all - tyres (more on that below).

September 2016 -

My first MOT failure!

Fail points

--- Front indicators not working - I have no idea what was wrong here, they worked on the way to the test centre and again on the way home. Never been a problem since!

--- O/S/F Vehicle structure excessively corroded - This turned out to be where someone had incorrectly jacked it up on the chassis - the damage from that had begun to rust.

--- O/S/R Brake pad less than 1.5mm thick - No excuse for this one really, I should have kept on top of them.


--- O/S/R Shock absorber oil misting - This was replaced in due course (see entry for August 2017)

--- Front brake pads

--- Oil Leak - Makes me laugh every year. They leak!

--- Front suspension arm slight play - This didn't reappear in 2017!

Mileage at MOT 142,750

To get the car through the MOT, I had the welding done on the chassis - then replaced the brake pads front and rear.

When I came to change the rear pads, I found that one side had one pad down to bare metal and one pad with 50% life left! The caliper had seized and one of the pistons was badly rusted (they're 2 pot calipers). I tried to work the piston back and forth but the metal ring around the edge popped out then as it was so corroded.

To get the car back on the road, I just ordered a pair of new rear calipers. I have kept the original units to refurb in the future as I would prefer to have the OEM units on there.

The indicator issue just fixed itself!

November 2016 -

The factory fog lights in my front bumper were well past their best, water had got in over the years and rusted the insides of them. I found a set of either Ring or Hella lamps which were practially the same size and fitted them in their place.

Some over-exuberant pressure washing had stripped part of the bonnet lettering off, so I fitted some more modern style raised lettering in the correct Brunel Grey.

Both new additions can be seen in this picture:

On the subject of lights - the tail lights on the Discovery 1 changed several times through its life cycle - I believe it was a response to legislation changes in height of the lights etc.

Some have lights in the bumper only (as mine did), some have them in the upper light clusters only and some have both!

I felt that mine only having two small tail lights at the bottom wasn't really sufficient, so did a common modification and soldered in a wire to each tail light where the tracks had been previously cut when the car was built. Even the dual filament bulbs were still installed!!

Much better...

December 2016 -

There is no escaping the fact that the Discovery is much louder than modern cars when at a cruising speed, so a lot of the stereo's 'oompf' is lost. I have followed a few guides online and installed flashband on some of the larger metal expanses and cut-up foam camping bed rolls fitted in various places under the carpet such as the wheel arches to remove some of the noise.

My next step was to add more power. To achieve this, I installed a Kenwood under-seat subwoofer which is a fantastic piece of kit. It makes up for a lot of the punch that the stereo otherwise lacks.

It comes with its own wiring loom, and in my case it is attached to the wires for one of the speakers which isn't otherwise used. It is under the driver's seat - here is a picture of it with the seat box cover removed. Normally, it's totally hidden.

Next were some 6x9 speakers in the D pillars, as the 4" ones were just too far away from your ears to appreciate them. There wasn't enough room to fit them flush, so instead I fitted them in some carpeted speaker boxes which are fitted to the pillars. It's not especially OEM looking, but it's neat enough and they sound so much better.
After this, I bought a 4 channel amplifier to drive the 6x9's. As I then had 2 spare channels and 2 spare 4" speakers I wasn't using, I decided to fit them to the rear doors ... because 'why not'?! They don't look bad!

As I often have the back seats down to carry things, I was very limited in where I could fit the amplifier without ripping the cables out constantly. I therefore removed one of the rear sideways facing seats (which I never use) and mounted it there. Then, I had to re-learn my high school wood work skills to build an enclosure. It is hinged to give access to the amplifier and carpeted. The eagle eyed among you will notice that I've fitted a vent on the top to ensure the amp is kept cool - the even more eagle eyed will notice that it's from B&Q and designed for a kitchen cupboard ...

The end result is nice - it now has a nicely balanced sound which can't be drowned out by the road noise, and doesn't break a sweat at any volume i'm capable of listening to music at!

You can also see that I have painted more of the interior trim black with the Autoglym product. It gives such a great finish and doesn't seem to wear off!

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I love playing at yarwell too had some good fun there but the sand/mud does get every where to me weeks to clean mine up after. You’ve definitely made a nice job of the interior the black carpet sets the cream leather off a treat.
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Jan 17 - Mar 18

Hi all,

Here is another retrospective instalment of my Discovery's progress. This covers from January 2017 to current. I received a gentle reminder from Henry_b to get this thread updated

Whilst i'll be mentioning all the things that have broken or gone wrong, the overriding theme here really should be the outstanding loyal service it has provided. Until August 2017 (when I got the MINI running) it was my only car. The year began with a lot of work at my Grandad's new farm, the Discovery making the 35 mile trip most days, often lugging various things around during the day.

In addition to this, I have spent a huge amount of time clearing the house of a family friend who passed away last year - the Discovery has made endless trips to the tip with the trailer in tow, solicitor's visits - the lot! Thankfully, this is now finished - the best part of a year later.

Now 4 years into Discovery ownership, my bond with the car continues to grow. I really don't know what I would do without it.

January 2017

My battery had been quite weak for some time. It finally died in the depths of the winter. One cold morning, it just wouldn't start. I replaced it with a Varta E24. Writing this just over a year later - I'm not blown away by it. I thought spending a little more on a good battery would ensure longevity, however it has been sounding quite weak on cold mornings this winter. When the time comes, I'll investigate the options for getting a bigger battery in there - although space is quite limited.

One of the tyres had started to leak on a regular basis, to the point that I was inflating it every few days. I therefore put the spare wheel on until I could arrange to have the tyre checked over. You don't often see a full size spare alloy any more!

Feb 2017

When closing the passenger window one afternoon, it made a horrible noise and dropped on one side. The mounting for the window regulator has rusted off. I'm really not sure how to remedy it without replacing the door, so I took the door panel off and fixed the window in the fully up position (with wood and a cable tie!) - now I just don't press the button to lower it!

After one of the many washes in the winter to get the road salt off the underside:

I also got hold of another can of the black direct to vinyl paint I had used on the other interior plastics to re-do the tailgate door card.

After doing this, I realised how horrible the centre brake light cover was looking. So that got the same treatment.

March 2017

When I bought the car, it had a near new set of road tyres on it which were less than ideal for off road driving, but it seemed a waste to replace good tyres. Over the 15,000 miles the Discovery had covered in my ownership, the tyres had worn down to about 5mm. However in March 2017 I pulled onto the drive and looked across to see my neighbour changing his wheel. Only to then hear air rushing out of one of my tyres too! Obviously something on the road locally.

As this wasn't repairable, I decided to replace the whole set with General Grabber AT's (All Terrain) which are much better off road, but also perfectly usable on road. The Grabbers are also about the best AT on-road which is where it spends almost all of its time. They came in at £95 per tyre. Most importantly - they look MEAN!

Some glamour shots after towing my grandma's chicken shed out of the path of a fallen tree

April 2017

I had practically rounded off my rear bumper end caps with the amount of times I'd bashed into the house or garage (it's very tight in fairness - only a couple of centimetres clearance each side of the mirrors), so I fitted a new pair which involved removing the old bumper. I was pleased to find that the rear chassis and crossmember were in really nice condition. I wire brushed and applied a generous coating of rust proofing paint to keep things looking nice for as long as possible.

New end caps fit much more tight to the body than the originals

I was lucky enough to visit the Land Rover factory in Solihull for an early look at the Range Rover Velar, as my Dad had registered his interest on their website. It was a really great experience.

We noticed that they were parking all the customer's non Land Rover cars out of sight, and proudly displaying the customer's Land Rovers in front of the building - sadly we went in his Volvo. Although they said if he'd taken his Defender, it would have been centre stage

They also briefly took us round the factory, and a Range Rover display that they'd just finished. The Velar itself is stunning - although the space in the back seat is rubbish!

The Great British Land Rover Show at Stoneleigh is the first real show of the year. This was the first opportunity to try out my All Terrains. They have an off road course on site - I very nearly took my Mum's Freelander, as I had convinced her that we should try it out off road. It was lucky I didn't, as the course was more extreme than I had bargained on! But I was very impressed with my new tyres. I actually traversed one part which the Defender in front of me couldn't manage - although I think that's more due to the sheer determination with which I held the accelerator down and went for it, rather than the capability of the vehicle.

May 2017

I visited the Land Rover show at the Gaydon motor museum. A couple of G-WAC's here (first Disco's registered for the press launch)

July 2017

The metal bars on my front head rests were showing quite a lot of white corrosion type marks on them.

A bit of Autosol sorted that out!

August 2017

I had replaced the rear shock absorbers when I bought the car following an MOT advisory. Unfortunately I replaced them with Britpart shocks. For anyone who doesn't know - Britpart is the antichrist in Land Rover terms, they are cheap parts which have a reputation for failing. They're known as S**tpart for a reason...

I could feel the rear of the car was bouncing around something ridiculous - you'd hit the bump stops when going over a speedbump and then the suspension would bounce back to the top of its travel. The bump stops took such a hammering that they both came off! See below picture.

I fitted a pair of OEM shock absorbers which are so much nicer.

Take a look at my video comparing the damping of old and new!!!

Just before the last MOT, I was underneath the car attending to the various grease points and noticed a bubble of rust on the rear exhaust silencer which I poked and put my finger straight through! So a new rear exhaust section was ordered. It's actually from the cat onwards. When removing the old exhaust, I used the tail pipe to lean my hand on as I got under the car and...

It snapped off!! There turned out to be several holes in the old exhaust all the way along. It was surprisingly easy to remove and replace.

Greenlaning trip - I didn't take many pictures, however I did get to successfully recover my Dad's Defender for the first time.

His tyres are getting too low on tread for off road use, and these ruts were enough to stop it in its tracks. The diffs were on the ground, so it wasn't going anywhere.

The only casualty was my fog light, which popped out of its housing with the bumper flexing. Luckily I had thought ahead, and looped a cable tie round the top of the light and onto a part inside the bumper - so it was just dangling there waiting to be popped back into place.

September 2017

The MOT was preceded by a few weeks of worrying. As usual, I had checked over the car several weeks before (hence the exhaust and shock absorbers) and cleaned it up well. It passed, which is always good news - but there were a few advisories ... some more worrying than others.
Brake pipe corroded
N/S Outer sill corroded
Play in N/S/R wheel bearing
Oil leaks - LOL! Obviously!
N/S/R inner arch corroded
Slight free play in steering

I did have a different tester to normal, so i'm not sure if he's just more picky or if these issues are much worse than last year. I'll gradually look into all of them before the next MOT.

Mileage at MOT 147,500

This is a shot of the rust on the outer sill mentioned on the MOT. It's frightening to see. I regularly coat it with oil to try to preserve it for as long as possible. However, it will ultimately need replacement sills at some point.

My front sunroof began to leak on occasion. The water would either drip directly from the winder handle (as below)

Or run forwards, through the interior light and out of the head liner. This very quickly left me with the head liner hanging down and looking awful.

I tried sealing the sunroof frame with silicone, however that didn't really seem to solve the problem. The real fix for this is to drop the headliner and repair the drain tubes which snap off inside the car, but I really couldn't face it - plus I would like to recover the head liner in black as it will be inkeeping with my colour theme and will also hide marks - so i'd like to do it all in one go.

I also bought a new sunroof to glass seal, as mine was very flat and did seem to allow water through (which should be able to run through the drain tubes and out of the car if they haven't snapped off). Fitting it was incredibly frustrating, as it would pop off all the time. I did manage to get it fitted and close the sunroof, but the new seal was so firm, it was pushing the glass up and not closing properly. Cue some ingenuity and a load of junk out of the garage

This does seem to have stopped the leak ever since. However the seal occasionally gets stuck to the glass and pulls it off. So I've solved that by not opening the sunroof

October 2017

I bought an AutoBrite snow foam lance. Naturally the Land Rover got first dibs!

One of the many times the centre dash had been removed, I had messed up the rod which controls the direction of the blowers. It's hard to explain - but the cable is similar to a bicycle brake cable - however the outer plastic had come loose which was allowing it to slip. As a result, I had no choice but to go under the dash, set the blowers point at the windscreen and leave it. The part was very difficult to find - I sent several messages to breakers, but understandably - they couldn't be bothered to dismantle a dashboard to get a cheap part out for me. Eventually I found a Discovery being broken around 15 miles from home. He was kind enough to let me have the part and a replacement dash clock for £10. I agreed to remove them myself. The car they were in was filthy inside (as many are). I even had to wash my hair when I got home to get the smell out. It was full of mud, dog hair and general filth.

I actually got the parts during the summer, but removing the centre dash is such a pain, I put it off until October when I started to want warm air on something other than the windscreen! Much better now.

At the Peterborough LRO show, I grabbed an under bonnet jack to replace the one I accidentally smashed a hole in years before. It needed some new oil and bleeding. After that, I tested it to make sure it could lift the car!

I also spotted ACPRC's car in the car park!

November 2017

I had some noises coming from the auxiliary belt area - a sort of rustling noise. This can usually be cured by shoving a 1p coin behind the tensioner and re-tightening (yes, that really is a recognised fix) but my belt tensioner pulley seemed loose, as though the bearing was worn - so I ordered a new Dayco part.

This has improved it, but there is still some noise at certain times. So I may have to stick a 1p in there at some point!

December 2017

Back in 2014 I was a little concerned about my ability to park the Discovery. It's actually quite easy to see the sides, but anybody's guess where the rear end is! I have never hit anyone else's car with it thankfully, but particularly with the tow bar on the back - I could do some real damage with it!! I fitted a set of rear parking sensors which are available cheaply from eBay and I really can't fault them. They've been on there 3 years now. I've also got a back-up camera - there is no real need for this, but I like a gadget! It has turned out to be very helpful for backing up to my trailer. It's directly next to the tow ball, so means I can back directly on to the trailer and look like a professional! In some pictures you'll see a small monitor in front of the gear lever which I was previously using, however I have just changed this for a rear view mirror with integrated screen which tidies up the interior a bit. You can't see the screen until it is switched on.

My paintjob on the headlights was beginning to peel, so I had been on the look out of a set of actual D2 headlights. I found a pair for sale at a Land Rover show a couple of weeks ago for £20. I've heard people say that the reflectors are much better in D2 headlights, although i've not driven it at night yet.

We had the first good snow fall in a couple of years. So I was straight out there!

The Discovery entered into the Christmas spirit with Rudolph riding shotgun

January 2018

This month marked the Discovery's 20th birthday since first registration.

I gave the inside a thorough clean every few weeks, as it was getting exposed to a lot of muddy feet and carrying a lot of junk to the tip on a regular basis.

After one of those interior cleans, I done goofed

One of my friends had asked me to fit some LED reverse bulbs to his car - when I saw the massive increase in light output, I had to get myself a set.

Bought from Amazon

Bulb changes are a little bit of a pain on the Discovery. When you've done it once, it's not so bad. First, you must unbolt the side facing rear seat at the top, which allows it to drop flat. Then remove a plastic cover with one screw. You can then reach in and twist to remove the individual bulb holder you want.

Here's a 50/50 picture - left is the original incandescent bulb, right is the LED.

And at night with the rear work light!

Yet another tip trip

February 2018

The Discovery was recently tasked with pulling out an abandoned Mercedes cattle truck as part of the aforementioned estate clearance. The truck hadn't moved for 10 years - I successfully dragged it out with 4 flat tyres. It was also in first gear which I hadn't initially noticed!

I also got hit by a quarry tipper truck on a roundabout during this month. The truck was following me, it moved into the right-only lane with its right indicator on and moved alongside me on the roundabout, then exited the roundabout straight whilst cutting totally across my lane. I locked up, horn blaring, slid into (and up) a kerb. Luckily the lorry's rear wheel only contacted my headlight guard. The lorry driver failed to stop, even after twice pulling in front of him with my hazard lights on and slowing down. I didn't bother reporting the incident, I was confident that I was not my fault. but I didn't know if the company would insist on informing insurance. I just bent the headlight guard back roughly into shape and took it on the chin.

A few greenlaning trips had left an array of scratches on the sides of the Discovery. It seems such a shame when it happens, but that's what I originally bought it for!

I got the DA out and soon had that sorted. The paint isn't very hard, so it doesn't take too much to remove scratches. I stuck a couple of coats of FK1000P on

March 2018

Some more snowfall meant another opportunity for fun! One morning I found a casualty

The tow bar and surrounding area was starting to look a little tatty with surface rust showing and quite a few scuffs from the trailer hitch. A quick sand and coat of Hammerite on the whole area left it looking much more fresh and giving a little bit of protection.

That brings the thread up to date. I'll keep updating as and when things happen.
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That looks very much like Lutterworth MOT centre bud....
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