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Old 08-09-2011, 12:03 PM   #21
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Plus some days I sit there and dread going to a job on a Saturday or Sunday after 12 days in a row detailing and valeting. My back aches, got to go 40 miles to a job then 40 miles back 3 days in a row not getting in until 8pm having my tea and bed ready for the next day.

I love my job but some days I couldn't look at DW as I was sick of the sight of car care. It is a massive jump from doing a couple of cars and seeing the results.
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Old 08-09-2011, 12:27 PM   #22
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I was going to mention the cleaning up after yourself too. It makes it a 24\7 job when your up 3 hours before a Job doing the usual prep tank filling and makes sure very thing works, getting there and setting up. Finishing jobs at about 9 at night on the easy ones and the. Spending an hour cleaning up your gear and washing the customers drive Down and then getting home at 11 and then having to spend an hour or two washing cloths and pads. Then having to track what products you have used and working out when you need order more stock. And that's before you have even gone sifting pics and sorting the web site etc. That's a quick day, I too have been working till sily morning hours and I'm only just getting starting, and struggling my **** off with little work and bending over backwards for the work I'm getting. Its not easy and its killing be money wise but I have come to far to back out now but everyday is seeing more progress to becoming more etablished. If I was to go back to last year when made the move I wouldn't if i was in The same position. even though I have pretty much prepared for five years wanting to do detailing it was still a massive shocker. You don't think about the simple bits like gear packing In, vans breaking and constant fuel rising. I spent close to 7k over the last few months down to stupidity and making mistake on the financial side. And it will proberly get worse before it gets better. As the saying goes experiance is the name with give to our mistakes. Knowing how to detail and correct paintwork to high standard doesn't meen your ready make a career is what am finding. And those who want to start with little to no experiance in detailing will get a massive shock.

Sorry on the grammer, I'm on my gay windows phone.

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Matt_Nic (08-09-2011)
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Originally Posted by Heavenly View Post
That comes with successful marketing of yourself though in whatever form you feel is most advantageous , it doesnt always mean throwing money at a site or banners etc , it can be as simple as thinking outside the box i believe. Word of mouth you are right is more powerful than anything if people are talking about you or something you have done.
Totally agree
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I cant think of many harder jobs to do day in day out. Running a business is tough without having a physical job with long hours too.

Advertising, Quoting, WORKING, Cleaning, Sleeping.......... with i guess a little family time!

Ive got nothing but respect for the Pros who do that and bother to help us lot out on here too.


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Old 08-09-2011, 02:08 PM   #25
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Originally Posted by Matt_Nic View Post
I have often wondered if pro detailers do it as a labour of love of if it's actually a lucrative business. The interesting part for me is cost Vs profit. The products cost a lot, you must incur a fair old expense if you have a fixed location such as an industrial unit.

But it's certainly a hobby I enjoy and will continue to do as a hobby.
My outlook on detailing professionally is that you need to be passionate about it to succeed, the difficult thing is keeping that motivation and passion going day in day out.
It's very exciting starting a new business like detailing or any other business come to think of it, the first couple of years your learning and willing to take on anything within your capabilities, you spend every waking moment trying to push and promote your work to expand or increase your client base and gain a good reputation within the marketplace.

I can remember back when I'd loose sleep through being excited about a Porsche or Ferrari that was booked in for the following day, equally so I'd have sleepless nights when my diary only had 2 days booked for the entire week/fortnight, worried about when the phone would next ring.

I detailed as a hobby since my 1st car in the late 80's, absolutely loved it and would be in my parents garage till the early hours removing trim to clean parts that were never going to be seen again, polishing the paintwork with SRP and thinking this is brilliant.
Once starting up on my own I went back to basics and worked from the ground up, naturally progressing through the experience I'd gained to offering "detailing services".

8-9 years on I'm undoubtedly still passionate about the job, but there are certainly days when I hate it with equal passion, the actual task of detailing isn't an issue, this I can pretty much do in my sleep, as already mentioned it's all the other tasks that come with running your own business as a sole trader, ie.. schedules to meet, e-mails to answer, phone calls to take or return, marketing, stock replenishment etc etc.. none of the above can be carried out in a normal 9-5/40 hour working week.

As I have put many times before in these "detailing for a living" type threads, if your adamant about making a go of it then work from the bottom up, don't plug huge amounts of money in it from the start, see if you have a taste or clientele for it first and naturally progress.
Compared to 4-5 years ago the market is now floaded with so called "Professional Detailers", back in 2006-2007 there wasn't as much competition and need for quoting up against 3 or 4 other guys in your area, personally I would be concerned about entering the market as it stands now.

That all being said, I have no intention of packing it in, and look for new inspiration and challenges within the detailing circles on a daily basis.

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Matt_Nic (08-09-2011)
Old 08-09-2011, 02:22 PM   #26
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Some very interesting insights now, thanks guys.

Apologies regarding topic coverage. I have been snooping around for quite a while on here, even before signing up and have never come across the question so didnt think to search for it.
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