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The Insurance Zone Want to insure your ride but not sure of wheres best.. Well, put a post here and others should be able to help!

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Old 02-03-2021, 11:20 AM   #11
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Originally Posted by MDC250 View Post
Unless it is worth the Solicitors time, how good a service do you think you get for a £30 policy? Hourly charges are typically north of £200 an hour + VAT.
The £30 covers the policy cost for an insurer to indemnify the expenses should the solicitors lose the case. In most cases the solicitors will make a successfuly claim against the third party and their £200 or whatever an hour will be reimbursed by the third party insurers.

When it goes wrong, the Legal Expenses Insurer pays the costs from its pot of many £30 premiums. The £30 doesn't buy the solicitor's work, it covers £50k/£100k etc depending on policy cover if things don't go your way.

Solicitors won't normally take on a claim unless there is a good prospect of success, so it isn't too often a case goes against them.

Originally Posted by MDC250 View Post
No as they are uninsured losses unless you have the BTE LEI. Your motor policy basically covers your car (if fully comp).
Spot on

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Solicitors rarely (if ever) claim on the LEI policy when a case goes wrong and cases can and do go wrong more often than not for reasons completely outside of their control.

Recovery of standard costs is getting more and more limited in all areas of law not just personal injury, pushing things more and more towards damage based agreements and things become, dare I say more American.
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Least of my problems now. Sent off proof of no claims to new insurers and they sent it back saying its not in my name. I am known by my middle name but with official things always use my first name. For some reason it looks like I used my middle name with last insurer and first name with new one!!!
I can see this causing issues
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For what its worth, my sister had the experience of not ticking the legal box on the insurance extras, this meant apart from permanent damage to her legs, a month in hospital, operations, and loss of earnings for 9 months or so this is how the insurance company proceeded.
personal injury claim went initially to a claims firm not a solicitor, they wanted 30% of a potentially large claim just for risk, and they were to claim off the other party for legal expenses as well, the person dealing with it wasn't even legally trained.
phoned round a list of solicitors from the law society most would not take the case privately even though the police were to prosecute the other party (and have since had a successful prosecution), as they only took referrals from insurance companies.
a big thanks to the person on this forum who pmd me who works for a local solicitors who took on the case which after 16 months is still ongoing due to the extent of the injuries and still has some time before the matter is settled

eye opener just for 30 quid or so especially as my sister drives defensively never speeds etc. (she was tee boned),
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Thatís bad. Most firms will waive the deduction from from damages once the claim is over a certain value (£25k at the movement)as they are able to recover standard costs from the other side (charge on hourly basis or part thereof).

Outside of the profession many wonít know that once a claim settles, a bill is prepared and submitted to the other side. Itís like a claim after the claim. Generally always disputed and the process goes bill, points of dispute, replies to points of dispute and then a provisional assessment of the bill if agreement canít be reached in the meantime. Thatís basically a Judge undertaking a paper exercise and giving an indication of what they would do at an actual detailed assessment hearing. At that point some settle but some run to the detailed assessment hearing itself. The process basically means going over every single thing done on the case and the Judge deciding was the 10 minute phone call reasonable or should it have taken 3 minutes. Did the call need to be done by a certain grade of fee earner who have different charge rates. Pre Covid it took a long while for the process to run and itís longer again now. Not uncommon for it to take a year+ to get to the end of the process. A bigger claim can run 3,4, 5+ years and the disbursements (cost of things like expert reports) can run into the tens if not hundreds of thousands on a truly catastrophic claim. The firm would have to carry the cost of the disbursements, that often are paid before conclusion of the claim and all of the work in progress for all that time. Might get an interim payment on account of costs but not always.

I know of at least one big national firm that allegedly will charge their client any shortfall in costs/disbursements that they fail to recover from the other side. That doesnít sit right with me.
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If you have AA breakdown (as a dedicated policy not through your insurance) you have some cover.

I have never compared them side by side, but may be worth considering.
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