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The Showroom Detailed something and want to show it off? Do it here... This is the place for you to show the world....

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Baker21 & dooka vs BMW E90 335 Saloon.......

Hello all...........

Another write-up with from myself and Rob @ dooka here on a lovely BMW E90 335 Saloon........

I had been in contact with Damien for some time in reference to sorting out his BMW infact Damien originally got in contact with me over a year ago but in the end we manage to sort out a date and the location at dooka HQ........

Damien is a DW member and has been on here looking for tips and tricks to look after his BMW but sadly this had already seen plenty of car wash love both automatic and hand car wash and it was robbing the BMW of it's depth in colour, therefore a one day enhancement was agreed..........

On this occasion due to Damien's location the car was dropped off on the Friday night allowing Rob and I some time to sort the exterior out meaning on the Saturday we could concentrate on the paintwork before it's collection in the evening........

As you will see in the detail Rob has something special already in and being finished on the Friday but we will come to that later, so this was the car having been dropped off:

So with plenty to do before the dark set in to give us a head start on the Saturday we cracked on.........

The Detail Process:

So nothing away from the norm here, off with the wheels first and straight onto the RiMat, Rob wanted to ensure we knew which one was his:

So first up some Megs Wheel Brightener was applied:

This was aggitated with a Vikan Brush and a Detailer Brush:

Then onto the front of the wheel a the tyre was scrubbed:

The front face was cleaned and a Wheel Woolie used for the wheel bolt holes:

Back onto the rear face, Rob was keen to use his AS Fallout Remover:

I meanwhile had been cleaning the arch - Before:

Then with some Megs APC and a Vikan Arch Brush:

We then opted to remove the other front wheel:

Rob sorted the arch out:

I meanwhile was using some AS Tardis on to remove a lot of tar on the wheel and also a lot of wheel weight stickers:

Both wheels were then rinsed and dried with a Waffle Weave Drying Towel:

Both wheels were sealed with some Rim Wax via an Applicator Pad:

These were then buffed off and re-fitted to the car, we then removed the rear wheels:

The same process was completed on the wheels and arches and as I neared the end of the wheels, Rob applied some AS Fallout Remover over the whole car:

This was left to dwell and then the car was rinsed:

Light was fading now but the car was then foamed:

I then washed the car using the 2BM, some Megs Hyper Wash and a dooka Woolie Wash Pad:

I then rinsed the car and it started to rain, the clouds had set in so at this point the detail ended for the day.........

Moving indoors I helped Rob put some finishing touches to the Audi A4 Avant he had been working on for a few days:

So onto the next day and we started off by rinsing and then foaming the car:

Then we clayed the car with some BH Autoclay and water:

A few choice areas on the wings, lower doors and sills had some AS Tardis applied:

Another foam and rinse, then the car was moved inside and dried with a Waffle Weave Drying Towel.........

Inside Rob wasted no time on getting the Flex going trying a combination:

I meanwhile was taping up some areas I didn't want to machine and then Rob was doing a little test area on the bonnet, this comprised of some Megs 205, Scholl 16 and Festool MPA 9000:

Not great pictures here but her is the panel after some Megs 205:

Then the taped section:

Results from Scholl 16:

Then the next taped section:

And Finally the Festool MPA 9000:

Happy with the cut and finish on the Festool MPA 9000, we decided this was the choice to go with.........

While I left Rob working on the Bonnet, I decided to tackle the boot breaking it up into sections:


I then moved onto the other sections:

Rob had made good progress on the bonnet and was now on the roof:

I decided to tackle the Passenger Rear Wing:

Here you can see some of the marks on the paintwork:

Close up to compare:

The C-Pillar looked as follows - Before:


Rob was working on the other wing:

Then he moved onto the Front Wing which distracted me slightly:

Purely as I decided to take off the indicators:

Then with some patience and tool pick work:

Followed by a quick machine:

Then I decided to stay with lamps and correct the Rear Lamps achieving the following:

So the other's - Before:




And one final after:

Making good progress now and onto the doors:

Rob also attended to the B-Pillar trims:

With the Audi still on site, we decided to move the BMW out the back and rinsed it:

The car was foamed, left to dwell and then rinsed:

Then time for some dooka Detailer (Megs Last Touch):

I then dried the car with an Elite Uber Drying Towel:

Just checking it's still there:

Time to break out the dooka Dryer:

I then tidied up the exhaust with some Autosol and Wirewool - Before:


With the car back inside I opted for some FK1000 P applied via a UFO Applicator:

This was followed by a Zaino Z8 Wipe down:

Rob then cleaned all the glass with some dooka Glass Cleaner (Megs Glass Cleaner):

Windscreen was searled with some Guard X:

I then tidied up the Driver's Door Lock - Before:


The arches and external black trim was dressed with some Megs Hyper Dressing.

The tyres were dressed with some AS High Style via a Paintbrush:

The Results:



Damien showed up just before we were putting the final touches to the car but was happy with the added depth to the paintwork, I have to say that for a single stage enhancement the paintwork responded well to the combination, I think that FK1000P is a great product and twinned with some Zaino Z8 it adds great depth........

A productive day or two at dooka HQ and a very nice motor to work on.........

Thanks to Damien for making the trip and also to Rob for the usual banter.........

Comments welcome as always.......

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