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Kelly @ KDS
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BMW E92 M3 Ultimate Wetsand By KDS

Hi to All this is my first post in the studio section and the start of many many more.

Been around detailing in some form and another for 18 years and only really got into photos and videos some 2 years ago.

Some people will know me very well and never heard of me so,

Firstly i will say Hi to the people and companies i know and spoke too in the past .

Dom - Dodo Juice,
Clark - Polished Bliss,
Matt - OYM's,
Brian - Drive and shine,
Rob - Gleammachine,
Tim - Clean Your Car,

Sorry to anyone i have missed out .

Due to being very busy and working later and later through the night as always, i will post this write up for speed by copying and pasting from a Pistonheads write up many months ago of the E92 M3 wet sand carried out for a pistonhead member.

So here goes, sorry for the lack of description, for the latest details i have starting logging and taking photos in more depth in readiness to post on DW for the future

As dropped of by the owner

Dye transfer from blue Jeans on the leather seat's

Gloss readings before any wash process


rear bumper

boot lid


orange peel before wet sanding

Rear quarter panel

Rear quarter panel


some products used to wash car ready for detailing process

First wash down with snow foam

This is after leaving the snowfoam to dwell for 5 minutes

after 7 minutes

complete car was rinsed, then all edges washed with all purpose cleaner and degreaser around grills and badges etc .

Then clean wheels with acid free alloy wheel cleaner .

Then another wash with snowfoam

one final rinse of complete car , then move car indoors and blow dry car with compressed air and drying towels .

The clay section next

Was surprised too find not much debris compared to must cars i detail

Car was drove back outside to have a very close look at the interior mainly the leather , the leather dye transfer cleaned off ok using standard leather cleaning products .

Here you can see the blue dye on the cleaning cloth

Now getting into the reason you pay to have a professional detail , as well as the equipment needed .

First thing is too inspect the paint for flaws and but more important is to measure the paint depth to build up a map of the car's varing paint depth giving the detailer the information needed to be confident the car can have the wet sand and machine polish process.

The measurments where taken all over the cars panels to gain an average figure .

The readings are taken by using 2 different methods of paint depth gauges , one measures on Ferrous and non Ferrous metals only and the total paint depth only

If you only have this gauge then the best way to work out the amount of top coat (laquer) there is , is to measure an area under the bonnet with no top coat take a reading then subtract that from the reading on the outside of the car this would give you a rough guide to the amount of top coat , or you can measure in the door shuts too where there would be one coat of laquer again to gain an idea of how much top coat is on the car !

This gauge measures using ultrasound which can be used on all surfaces as well as measuring in layers too ,

Because the paint depth will vary over a very small area measured the best method of repeated readings is to use this method of marking the panels ,

A mim tripod holding a laser pointer to mark the bonnet

mark where the ultrasound gel has been used to take a reading

and the same for the boot

The wing was measured with a large tripod using this method

Here is the wing reading just the top coat

108 microns of laquer (which is very thick )

here is measuring 2 layers base colour coat and top coat

Now to the wet sanding stage

some of the equipment and materials used for wet sanding

I found the paint too be very hard , i would normally wet sand by hand starting with 1500 grit wet and dry moving through finer grades , but this was so hard that started with 1200 grit , here is a video showing how hard the paint is after using 1200 grit by hand

here is using a machine for wet sanding

again with 1200 grit and did not touch the paint really

After days of work in the first rough sand the car ends up looking like this , and this is when the customer has kittens if they see their car ,

The car was sanded in 1200, 1500 , 2000 , 4000 grit .

before the machine polishing stage started i took more reading round the entire car to show how much material has been remove to lose the orange peel ,

bonnet before reading again

bonnet after wet sanding readings

bonnet after machine polish final stage

100 microns in depth is the same as an expensive sheet of A4 paper , so a removal of 10 microns of top coat was needed on that measurment to get perfect flat paint , which really shows the small amount of materail that was removed .

here shows the average amount of material taken from each panel to get no orange peel , you will notice that the rear bumper had a much lower reading than the rest of the car so was machined polished only not wet sanded , you will also notice that say wing to wing , door to door the after paint depths are closer than before the wet sanding .

now to the best pictures the results

gloss readings after


rear bumper

boot lid


after shots

and my favorite shots

Reflection shot of the workshop (or lack of reflection)

After reflection shot of workshop

Before reflection shot of bonnet showing skylight

after shot of bonnet

This is what paint can look like after 80 hours work

Here are 2 videos too

I hope you enjoyed my first studio thread and maybe picked up and learnt something along the way

KDS Detailing , Kelly
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Adam D
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Great set of photos.

The orange peel out of the factory is shocking for a car of that price.

Love the photo AFTERNOORANGEPEEL6.jpg, it's like a mirage!

I must admit that I do still prefer the looks of the E46 M3 though...
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Absolutely incredible and thats coming from someone who flats down cars as part of my job.
What snowfoam are you using?
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That was amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading that.

Great work there, especially as I too have orange peel on my 135i, but I'm no way as skilled or as brave as yourself to do any wetsanding!

The after shots really show how much effort you put in, they really do look good

Nice job.
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Simply stunning!!!
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Detailed Car Care
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WOW Top notch
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PC Perfectionist
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holly crap... thats awesome
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great write up Kelly - true craftsman and a pleasure to read.

Have you put your bloody prices up yet?
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Kelly @ KDS (10-11-2009)
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Auto Detox
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Welcome Kelly, I read this thread a while back on P/H well worth another read

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Mr Indecisive
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jaw dropping jaw dropping. wow mate thats above and beyond
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bmw m3, kds detailing, sealant, wet sanding, zaino

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