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Old 12-01-2011, 11:14 PM   #1
Sponge Jockey
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Get rid of Windscreen Smears for good

Hi, new on here but thought this deserved a post.

Name:  14649011_H.jpg
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I bought an Astra Sri CDTi with motorway miles on and the Windscreen was bloody awful, when it rained in the day it was rubbish but at night visibilty was even worse, the wipers were almost new but it was the actual glass that had something on it, may have been a rain repellent or something.

I tried a:
Claying the windscreen with Megs clay and lube
Lime Prime on DA (didn't make it worse or better)
Halfords Intensive Glass Cutting Polish (quite good but still left marks)

Then i read on a previous post on here about 'Bar Keepers Friend' stain remover, thought about buying it but put it off. Then on the way home from work I couldn't see a bloody thing so went straight to Sainsburys and bought a bottle for £1.82....well it's the best money I have spent in ages.

I put about a teaspoon on a damp microfibre and rubbed in circular motion on windscreen and then used the hosepipe to gently sheet the windscreen clear. Its was still raining heavy so put the car back outside and was amazed, it was like a new windscreen. Our other car recently had a new windscreen and new wiper blades and now mine is as good as that.

Now the wipers just glide and there is not a glimpse of any smearing, crystal clear.

Just thought I would highlight that 'Bar Keepers Friend' worked for me and may be worth a try if you have smeary windscreen.

Regards Rich.
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'Sponge Dave Square Pants'
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Cheers bud, be worth a punt at under £2
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Old 12-01-2011, 11:26 PM   #3
Sponge Jockey
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Will give it a try in a few months, have only just applied a new coat of G1 but wish I'd seen this before.
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PC Perfectionist
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It's awesome at removing rust spots from the stainless steel splashback in the kitchen, so should probably work a treat on metal and chrome on the car.
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Old 12-01-2011, 11:36 PM   #5
PC Perfectionist
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Thanks for this mate as I get smearing when using the wiper blades. Mine clears after only a few seconds and is clear again but it would be nice to get rid of the smearing. Will give this a go soon, shame as I applied G1 only 3 months ago
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Old 13-01-2011, 03:18 AM   #6
Washmitt Meister
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Cheers hooley, will give it a go
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Old 13-01-2011, 07:29 AM   #7
Distinguished Detailer
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Good find, however folk should be aware to wear gloves (I know some think it ppe is not cool) when using this as basically it is oxalic acid slurry with a ph 1.5-2.5
But should be good for industrial fallout etc
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Mr Yellow
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Oh don't worry too much about the pH... we work with strong chemicals and 2 ish isn't going to do any harm with a few drops on you. Don't forget that lemon juice and vinegar are somewhere in the 2-3 region.

In practice, anyone doing any sort of professional cleaning should wear gloves as much as possible.... most products will defat your skin to some extent, so best to limit contact.
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this stuff is amazing on exhaust tips too...

not to mention my stainless steel hob and sink. Even after cleaning the kitchen with CIF cream i go over it with BKF and the cloth goes completely black. the shine left afterwards is almost dazzling when the sun hits it.
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Old 13-01-2011, 10:42 AM   #10
Distinguished Detailer
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Just get it in any Supermarket?

I just bought some G3 so might even use this before I put the G3 on.
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