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The Showroom Detailed something and want to show it off? Do it here... This is the place for you to show the world....

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Washmitt Meister
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Porsche 911 Carrera Sport Coupe 1988

Porsche 911, 1988 Carrera Sport Coupe, 11000 Miles from new

Hello everyone,

After a very long search, Iíve managed to acquire this stunning 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Sport Coupe, a 1 owner car with just 11,000 miles on the clock. Even the tyres are the originals, Porsche specification Pirelli P700ís. The paintwork is 100% original, which seems incredible on a 24 year old car.

With the car, I received the original bill of sale, all the Tax discís and MOTís, along with the service history and the corresponding invoices.

This model is the end of line model, having a few extras added to entice sales before the next generation 911 (964) was released in 1989. This included the uprated Clutch and Gearbox G50 setup, which is a vast improvement on the previous 915 setup. Other improvements were 16Ē Fuch alloys, electric seats and sunroof.

The only things that needed doing, were a full intensive detail, replace the tyres with Pirelliís recommended specification, and a full service by Porsche main dealer in Tonbridge.

So, hereís a few pictures from my initial visit to view the car in the previous owners heated garage.

As you can see, nothing too wrong, just a very good detail required to bring the car back to its original glory.

After around 8 weeks of trying to convince the original owner to part with the car, a deal was eventually done, and I took delivery of the car.

A few pictures before my work began.

Some interior pictures

Engine bay

The Boot

Petrol flap

Wheels removed

These cars were fully Galvanized at the factory, however Iíve read a lot about huge rust issues with cars of this era.

So I decided to remove the bumpers and sills to check for any unwanted problems.

Firstly a thorough wash and decontamination was carried out to see what the paint finish was like. I didnít bother with pictures of the wash stage, youíve seen these many times on the many other excellent threads, so it seems unnecessary to go over the same process again.

So after claying, rinsing and drying the car, it was put inside on axle stands.

Paintwork issues to deal with

Porsche used a very thick waxoil type product at the factory, this has done an excellent job in protecting the underside of the car. However over time it gets dirty and turns an unsightly black colour. I decided to try and remove this wax as I wonít be using the car in the wet or on salt covered roads etc.

From this

To this

This wax was extremely difficult to remove, requiring several hits with Tardis. I assume over time the wax has gone hard, which is exactly what it was intended to do.

Even the wheels seemed to get coated with wax

The wheels were given a thorough clean, treated to Tardis and Iron x etc.

These wheels were anodized from new, this gives a slightly dull finish to the polished alloy rim part of the wheel.
The wheels were in very good condition bar the odd stone chip and a very slight mark from a tyre fitters slap dash work whilst repairing a puncture in 1991.
I intended to get the wheels refurbished at Lepsonís, as they always do an excellent job in my experience. However they do not anodize wheels, therefore the finish would deviate from the original factory finish. This would let the car down, if I decide to show the car, originality is key to winning any concours competition.
So I decided to polish the wheels up as best as I possible could, and see how well they turned out.

Hereís a 50/50 of the black centre part of the wheel.

The only image of the finished wheel I can find is back on the car Iím afraid.

The wheels were treated to C1 as were the wheel nuts and centre caps.

Next I started to strip the front bumper, this takes quite some time, removing the rubber bellows from either side is fairly fiddly.

Front rubber trim removed

Bumper removed

Front valance removed

Valance stripped for cleaning

Behind the bumper

Cleaned and waxed to protect it

The many parts to the bumper were stripped and cleaned, and then I stored them indoors to give me room to still work around the car.

Whilst at the front of the car I decided to clean the boot area, and replace the bonnet gas struts that are a common fail on the early 911ís.

Battery removed and cleaned up, battery tray cleaned and protected

All cleaned up


Headlight trims removed for cleaning and protection

After clean up

If your still awake, well done!

Part 2 to follow
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Washmitt Meister
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Part 2

Porsche 911 Carrera Sport Coupe 1988 Part 2

Following on from my last thread.

Another possible rust problem area is behind the sills. On these cars the sills are screwed and bolted on, so very simple to remove and inspect behind the cover for rust etc.

With the rubber trim removed

With the sill removed, just a little dirt to clean off, no rust to my relief.

After being cleaned and protected

Here you can see more wax from the factory, thats gone a nasty black colour

Wax cleaned off, still to be polished and protected

This was repeated on the near side, again no rust to be found, leaving me very happy.

Onto the rear bumper, removed to clean etc

The engine bay was addressed, removing the rubber trim and the rear reflector panel between the rear lights.

I also cleaned the entire floorpan beneath the car, whilst it was on axle stands

Now I was accumulating more and more parts, and running out of work space in the garage, so I decided to lay all the parts out in a form of order to make it easier when replacing the parts on the car.

The rear spoiler was removed to aid with the polishing of the engine cover, itís way to tight to get a rotary in between with the spoiler in place.
Whilst the spoiler was off, I took it apart to clean it thoroughly.

As you can see, it did need a good clean, all surfaces were treated with C1 once they were thoroughly cleaned and IPAíd

The spoiler body was then polished, and protected

The engine cover with the spoiler removed

After cleaning

Grill at the front removed for cleaning and protection

Carrera badge removed for cleaning and to aid polishing of engine cover

Before I started to correct the paintwork, the weather turned cold again, so I started on the bumpers and various other parts that I had removed indoors.


Front Bumper

As you can see, the paint needed some serious rotary action to bring it back to where it should be

I donít seem to of taken any finished pictures of the bumper, until itís back on the car, I must do better.

Onto the paint correction, after going around the whole car with the Paint Thickness Gauge, which showed very consistent readings around the 150-160 microns mark. I decided to do a test panel on the rear wing


50/50 After 1st hit with compound

Much more clarity, and far less pink looking.

More bits and pieces removed to aid polishing

I even removed the rubber smile trim from the front

Spoiler paint before correction

And after correction

Sill after correction, as you can see the black wax/dirt has now been removed, and it looks much fresher

Onto the rear bumper, polished, protected with C1, reassembled ready to refit onto the car

Back into the garage now its warmer, the engine cover corrected, ready for the spoiler to be refitted

Working my way around the car, correcting the paint as I go

After the paint correction I started to rebuild the car, this shows the sill going back on

The rear bumper refitted, the rear lights and rear reflective strip having been polished

Paint looking sharper now

The original supplying dealer window sticker

Grill cleaned and refitted

Side repeater cleaned and refitted

Another job that needed doing was removal of the rev counter, fuel gauge and Oil pressure gauge. The glass covers had misted slightly inside and needed cleaning properly.
The hazy appearance did go away once the car warmed up, but I wasnít happy with that, so this is what had to be done

Pictures of the wiring to ensure they went back together correctly

Bezel taped to prevent any scratching

I then heated the bezel with a hairdryer to soften the metal before slowly prizing open the lip to release the glass. This was a labour of love, taking at least an hour to open the dial, 2 minutes to clean the glass and instrument face, followed by about 45 minutes to reseal the bezel in place.

Oil gauge before, you can see the difference to the rev counter that iíd already done

Rebuilt ready to reinstall into dash

The whole car was dusted off, IPAíd 2/3 times before C1 was applied to the paint

The new tyres were fitted very carefully by a good friend of mine.

A few nearly finished shots, I really need a sunny day to get the best pictures. There is is still a few little jobs still to be done, but Iíll get these done over the next few weeks.

Thanks very much for reading this, if youíve made it this far, and your still awake,
well done !

I think this looks quite good for a car thats over 24 years old.

C & Cís welcome

Many thanks

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Stunning work! Alot of hard work gone into that
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Wow great work mate, looks stunning.
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Great work
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Wow. I'd love to find one like that. Nice work!
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Fine work
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Superb stuff, great write up, stunning attention to detail and a fantastic car
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stunning car, fantastic work by yourself aswell iam a realy big fan of this shape porsche and would love an old 911 targra
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