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Warning contains metal
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LSP's What have you used and how would you rate them?

I've used the search function and couldn't find anything similar so as the title suggests what waxes/sealants/coatings have you used and how would you rate them all taking into consideration price, ease of use, finish and durability.

Just starting to think about my list has scared the hell out of me, how much money I've spent since coming on here just about 4 years ago
Ok here goes

Collinite 476s. 7 Decent value, never lasted as I hoped it would

FK1000p . 7 Similar to collinite, decent value for a massive tin

Dodo Juice
Rain forest rub . 7.5 Easy to use, decent price nice finish.

Purple haze. 7 Decent enough didn't last too long though.

Supernatural V1. 6 My first expensive wax, expected more for price.

Supernatural hybrid . 6.5 Loved on here, I'm not a massive fan.

Rubbish Boys JE 6 Had high hopes for this after reading positive reviews. Really didn't do it for me though.

Race glaze
55. 7.5 Nice to use, lovely finish.

Black Label 9 A quality wax, smells awesome and so easy to use. Loses half a mark for price.

Auto finesse
Illusion. 7 My first "show" wax. Pleasant to use, looks good smells good but I think its expensive for what it is.

Temptation. 1 Mum always said if you cant say something nice then say nothing.

Capture the Rapture. 7.5 Bought at the same time as illusion, better finish better price.

Vanilla Ice 7 Decent enough but nothing special. Smells awesome though.

I love DW edition 7.5 Similar to CTR but firmer, lovely to use and great smell.

Black Magic Detail

Origins . 7.5 Spreads well removes easy. Could bead better.

Helios . 7.5 Nice to use. Expected it to last longer than it did.

Genesis . 9 One of my favourites, good value and lasts well.

Sirius Dark. 8 Adds gloss and lasts better than expected.

Miura. 7.5 Really firm wax, sheets incredibly well.

Taurus 9 Gorgeous smell, spreads and removes effortlessly. If it lasts (first use today) this is a winner.

Signature series II 6 Bought on a whim, dead easy to apply and remove, only lasts a couple of washes though.


Glasur. 9.Not cheap but worth it, if it lasted longer it would be a 10.

Vintage. N/A looking forward to using this when it arrives.

Obsession Wax

Aura. 8.5 Impressive finish for the price.

Euphoric. 8 As above with more gloss as opposed to clarity.

Hybrid 86. 8.5 Had an issue with my original version the one I have now performs brilliantly. A true hybrid offering great looks AND protection

Itus. 8.5 This years winter protection, the glow of a wax with hopefully the longevity of a sealant. Really nice to use though .

Phantom 9.5 My highest mark so far. Its genuinely a brilliant wax, spreads well removes easily but leaves a magnificent finish that has lasted well too. My car has never looked better.

Phaenna 9 A super glossy oily wax which definitely adds to the finish. Easy on/off and looked stunning on red.

Obsession Wax
Zeal 8.5 Obsessions new "budget" wax. Maybe in price but not in the quality. As with all the other Obsession waxes I have its a pleasure to use. Nice fragrance, hefty glass jar, good finish and quality beading. For sub £25 its a bargain really.

Taranis (wheel wax) 9.5 I'm currently recovering from major knee surgery and as such car cleaning isn't really high on my list of priorities at the moment, that said the jet wash got an airing yesterday and the alloys came up spotless. 2 coats were applied 7 weeks ago and the wheels have been cleaned just once in that time. Taranis is holding up brilliantly. V impressed and I'm not one for wheel waxes.

Swiss Vax

Crystal Rock. 8.5 Gorgeous to use, smells incredible but so so so expensive.

Smart parts
P21s. 9 Cheap for the finish it gives lovely to use, if only it lasted!


Midnight Sun. 8.5 really like this not that expensive, easy on/off and looks great.

Def wax
Number One. 9 Lovely to use but again its mightily expensive. Very high quality though.

0stend0 Glaze 8.5 Premium quality show wax that delivers. Bit expensive but good stuff.

3xempler Glaze 7 Decent enough but nothing special. Easy on/off though.

Duru5 Glaze 7 As with 3xempler I thought it was ok but nothing more.

Synthatic Edition 7 Nice and sharp on silver, hoped it would last longer than it did.

Pre Production M4gnum 0pus 8 Similar to synthetic but with a glossier finish.

Mitchell and king
Griffin. 9 Quality beading sheeting and usage, expensive though for 100ml.

Phillip 8 Great on light colours. Nice to use, can't really justify its price though.

Pioneer 8.5 A good quality wax this. Quite oily and spreads very well, the small jar I got will last a considerable amount of time. Rich finish that comes off easily and beads nicely but sheeting isn't amazing. Still a good wax that I rate highly.

Sweden7.5 Having bought a Volvo it seemed rude not to try this wax. Its quite firm but spreads very well, removal wasn't great though so I may have to work harder on finding the right curing time for it. Its reflective rather than glossy IMO but it suits my light grey well. Smells lovely as all M&K do tbh. Not the cheapest but if I can get the sweet spot for removal I'd add another point as it does look good.

Obsidian wax 7 I couldn't get on with it on my car but worked great on my dads. Can see why people love it but its not a favourite.

Sicko N/A Looking forward to using this once the weather settles.

Ogle wax
Custom Reveal Not used yet
Custom Element 8 Really impressed with this for the money. Spreads for miles but don't leave it to dry or it can be difficult to remove leaves a good finish though.

Protect and shine. 8.5 Application takes some getting used to but a great product when you get it right.

Polymer net shield 9 The best sealant I've used. Will be my winter protection from now on, doesn't have the glow of wax though and can look "sterile"

Power lock. 3 My first foray into sealants left me totally unimpressed.

Epic. 6 Nice and glossy but didn't seem to last too well.

C2V3 8.5 So easy to apply and remove, like the idea of using it as a qd for top ups. Not sure of claimed 8 month durability.

Opti seal 6.5 Too easy to use! Didn't add any noticeable gloss and was gone after a month. Cheap though or would have scored lower.

Wetcoat 8 Good value and so easy to use, spray on jetwash off, don't leave it too long to remove though or you will get streaks.

Cancoat 9 The easiest sealant I've ever used. Spray onto a microfiber and then do a panel at a time with it. Water behaviour afterwards is epic.

Polish Angel

Esoteric V2 8.5 I've never really been one for liquid waxes but this is a quality product. Spreads forever and can be left on the car for hours rather than minutes after application. Sheeting and beading is first rate, very impressed. Durability could see my mark raised in the future.

Jubilee 8.5 As with Esoteric Jubilee spreads like crazy, a delight to use in every way. The finish is more reflective I feel than a warm carnauba glow but this is a wax I look forward to using much more during the summer. Sheets incredibly well for a wax, similar to Glasur in that respect.

Connoisseur Rapid wax 9 The first spray wax I've used and its brilliant. Leaves a warm glow on my black paint with extreme gloss. Beads well, is a doddle to use (spray and wipe) and as with all Polish Angel products a little goes a long way. A great topper over a base wax.

Valet pro
Beading Marvellous 7.5 Bought on a whim as a sample pot. Its very easy to use, spreads very well and removes with ease if you don't allow it to set solid. Impressed for the price and will use again although is more glassy than glossy imo.

Onyx 7.5 Another recent sample purchase. Lovely and oily a pleasure to apply as it spreads so far, very little cure time, straight on/off and it beads and sheets better than I thought it would. I like the finish it gave, very rich and dark. Look forward to using this again.

Obsession wax
Zenith. (not giving a rating as not really fair) Special to me in so much I was involved in its development and branding. As a custom creation wax it is all I could wish for really, glossy in the extreme and delightful to use.

Chemical Guys
Petes 53 9.5 Every once in a while you try something and just think WOW I like this. I had one of those moments with this wax. Smells great. Nice sized but light jar. Wax firm but oily I knew before I applied it I was going to like it a lot. Wasn't disappointed either. Apply/ remove a panel at a time to leave a wonderful rich dark glow. I'm not expecting it to last very well but so what? Best bit? £24 for a jar and that my friends is a BARGAIN it could easily be £100 wax and for the finish it gives you wouldn't be upset at that price.

Patriot 8.5 massive tin compared to other waxes. Smells delightful too. spreads for miles and is a doddle to remove. Do a panel then remove almost instantly. The finish it leaves is truly concourse but it is let down slightly by average beading and longevity but for overall looks its a stunner.

Curiosity 8.5 bought a sample pot ridiculously cheap and was very pleasantly surprised just how good it is. Application is as easy as could be really, same goes for removal and the beading it had in heavy rain was tight and uniform. Very impressed to be honest and may well buy a full sized pot in the future. Well worth a try.

Infinity Wax
Purple shimmer 2 I had real problems with removal of this, literally couldn't get it off the car. I'd looked for info regarding curing times with no success so did the usual swipe test to gauge. Even when cured it wouldn't wipe off, is this an instant removal wax? well tried that too and just ended up smearing it around. I don't like to leave negative reviews in general but this was a pita to use.

Sicko 9. First time ive used a genuine coating and I was more than a little apprehensive about it. No need to worry in that respect at all. Spreads and cures at a nice rate and is easy to remove. Looks stunning and glossy once applied. Lovely product.

Repel coat 8. Very easy to use product that beads nicely and leaves a sharp crisp finish. Point lost as I had to replace the spray head on mine as it didn't work at all. Seems to be a common issue with various brands having products that don't want to leave the can!

Shinee Wax 7.5 .The names misleading I feel as its a spray sealant. As with most of the tac products its a doddle to use. Spray, wipe flip your cloth buff and done. Used over the top of a previously waxed car it did add to the gloss and beaded nicely when it rained. Cheap and easy to use. You don't need much so it will last a while.

Quartz Max 9. Quartz Max - Hydrophobic Silica Spray Sealant. Now this is a good product and one that I would recommend to use for top up protection through out winter as it can be used as a drying aid. Ive used it over wax and on bare paint and the results are identical more or less except for one incident of streaking on my bonnet but that was down to too much product. Use a TINY amount when spraying this. Its crazy slick and sheets well. If you've used gyeon cure its VERY similar just slightly nicer to use.

Ceramic coat 8.5 . The names misleading again as its actually a polymer sealant. Now im a waxer and sealant generally don't do it for me at all. This ones different though as it has the glow of a wax rather than the glassy sterile look I've suffered with in the past. Easy on exceptionally easy off. Lovely glossy finish. Its on my dads car at the moment and depending on how it lasts the score may rise. Its definitely helping the car stay clean longer though.

Moonlight 8.5 A spray sealant containing over 20% Sio2. A couple of squirts per panel, spread then buff off. Its that simple just don't miss any bits as they will set hard! Designed as a topper for a coating but I used it as a stand alone. Its good too once you nail the application and removal. Water behaviour is excellent as to be expected with a high Sio2 content and leaves a good sharp reflective finish. Well worth a try.

Topaz 9. I jumped on the band wagon a year behind everyone else with this it seems, a friend gave me a bottle to try recently and said you know your stuff report back. What can I say? Great product. So easy to use. I'd describe it as AF triple with the cleaning side turned down and the protection side increased greatly. It does cleanse slightly and as such is more an aio rather than lsp but the finish it leaves for the price is special indeed. I will be buying a lot more of this its great! Good around the house too.

Wax Addict

Vitreo. 7 Bought as a sample set so only a small pot. It applies ok, removes ok, beads/sheets ok, looks ok. I guess I'd say its pretty average overall. I'd hoped it would have convinced me to buy a full sized pot but sadly it hasn't. A decent enough wax but nothing special.

Edition 21. 8 Bought as a 1/2 price bargain in the black Friday sale. It applies beautifully, its quite oily so spreads far. Removal though is slightly tougher than comparatively priced waxes but the finish it gives is excellent. Very glossy and the sheeting is superb. I will be using this again to see if I got the curing time wrong previously but overall pleased I bought it.


Titanium. 9 This wasn't originally something I'd bought but rather leant to me from a good friend. As with the higher priced zymols I've used previously its a delight to use. Spreads forever, doesn't really have a cure time although I left it on slightly longer than I had done done with glasur. The finish is crisp and reflective. The beading and sheeting are as good as you could possibly wish for in a wax. Its simply a great wax. After using this I've since bought my own jar and that doesn't happen that often these days.

Victoria Wax
Concours 9.5 Well after resisting Vics red for so long I finally picked up a jar cheap recently. My car's black and its as if this wax was made for it. The wetness of finish is ridiculous to be honest. Easy on easy off, smells nice, spreads well comes off easy. For looks and ease of use it is very good indeed. I shouldn't have waited as long as I did to get some in hindsight.

Victoria Wax
Mayhem. 9. A very good value wax that reminds me a lot of one of my favourite waxes in smell, consistency, application and finish but costs barely anything in price comparison. I really rate this wax and look forward to using it more. It spreads exceptionally well and removes with ease 5-10 minutes later. Very glossy finish.

Connoisseur 9 This came as part of a bundle I purchased on ebay and as carchem don't really have a pedigree for waxes I wasn't expecting much at all with regards to this wax, in fact I wasn't planning on using it at all if i'm honest. The packaging isn't the best and a facelift could work wonders for it as its actually very good. Its firm but still spreads well, cures quite quickly and is probably a 2-3 panel wax at most. It removes well though with no residue or second buff needed. I really like this tbh, its only £30 for 250ml too so good value. Beading and sheeting are good I just wish it didn't smell of bubble gum, that's probably its only negative. Just shows you should keep an open mind and there are some hidden gems out there for not mega money.

Acrylic Glanz Spray 9.5 I didn't know if I should include this or not as I wasn't intending it to be an lsp. That said the finish it gives over Carlack NSC is incredible. I've been using NSC more and more until recently and after having a read on cyc they recommended this over the top. Great recommendation tbh and a seriously shiny acrylic finish. Would look awesome on solid colours.

Fifth Element 8 Another recent sample purchase, I've finally learnt to stop buying full jars. Quite an expensive wax this. The sample was £20 for 30 ml or at least that was the cheapest I could find it at. That said I've coated my Insignia and you cant actually tell I've used any at all. It spreads an unbelievable amount and I can get another 7 maybe 8 layers from this sample. It goes on really well, removes pretty well too, not a doddle but not a real pain either. It was quite warm when I used it and a couple of panels and then removal worked for me. Its quite a reflective finish but it did look really well on black. The following day it rained hard and the beading was excellent, strangely it didn't want to sheet off when driving though. Still a nice product and one I'd be happy to recommend but its price loses it half a mark.

Bilt Hamber
Double Speed Wax9 I've put off trying this for ages and I'm not sure why, maybe the bland packaging doesn't draw me in but after reading lots of positive reviews I thought I'd give it go. Well what a pleasant surprise, its mega easy to work with, easy on/off and the beading/sheeting it leaves behind is outstanding for a wax. This stuff hates water!! The only thing I'm not sure of is the finish, it dulled my paintwork slightly but this is the only negative I can find with it. Its a no nonsense wax that's not fragranced at all, in basic packaging that comes in at less than £15 for a massive tin. Its a great buy and if the finish was richer it may get the magical 10 mark!

Si3d Coating. 9.
Having recently bought a fresh car I wanted something durable to see me through winter so went with this after a lot of research.

Unlike a wax where you can prep polish and seal in a day this took my nearly two days as its unforgiving if you make mistakes.(same as all coatings really). Having taken my time with it and finding perfect application and removal for me I'm extremely happy with it. It protects brilliantly, the sheeting is excellent and beading is more than adequate. It lacks the richness of a wax though if I'm honest. I've tried to wax over it but that's been pointless as its made no difference to the protection imo. Overall a top product that if used correctly will last ages.

Concours 7.5. I'm maybe being a little harsh with that score due to recently having used the higher end Zymols. Its a lovely wax in its own right, quite oily but still firm and spreads really well. Doesn't remove quite as easily as other Z's but still easy enough. The real question is it worth almost double the price of Glassur and to be honest I don't think it is.

Destiny.9. A true boutique wax that I could never justify or afford paying for a full sized jar. As part of the sampler kit though I think its reasonable value. Its a stunning wax to use, without wishing to repeat myself too much it spreads forever and its effortless to remove. A couple of panels at a time, on and then off. Just a delight tbh. It seems a lot more durable than the other Z's too, I've tested this on my own car recently and there has been very little drop off in looks or performance even after a dozen or so washes. It gives a warm glow finish too that really suits my red car. As an overall package I'd love to give it a 10 but the only reason it was a 9 is that I think its a fair price as part of the sampler kit or it would have been lower. Its price simply makes it prohibitive to most people.

Atlantique ?? I honestly don't know how to mark this. It is without doubt the easiest wax to apply and remove that I have ever used. IT almost melts into the paint after application and after a 5 minute cure time wipes away easier than most QD's!! Its a ridiculous wax for all the right reasons but its more than 1100 quid for a full jar. So how do you rate something this good but so expensive? Simply I can't. Its performance for sheeting, beading and durability are outstanding and as with Destiny as part of the sampler kit its good value. I love this wax, literally love it and will have to buy another sampler when I've run out of it.

OCD Waxes
Alien 51 8. A good honest wax this. Doesn't make extravagant claims about durability or gloss levels its just a genuinely good wax. Easy to use, goes on and comes off without issue. Beads well and lasts ok too, what's not to like? Cheap as chips in the grand scheme of things too.

Nebula 9. Extremely glossy show wax. It reminds me A LOT of Petes 53, its a little firmer maybe but with the scent as it is and the overall finish and durability it gives it is very similar. Another great wax from OCD though and one that will be terribly difficult to better. Good luck with that lol. Seriously good value and a wax I'm glad I own and one OCD should be proud of.


Hybrid Blue 9.5 Well here's a shock of a wax from a manufacturer that doesn't get the airtime it probably deserves. I've fancied trying this for ages but have always been trialling something or other so never got around to it. Anyways I got a pot this week with a few Zymol bits so combining postage seemed like the time to buy.

I had little knowledge of this wax as there are few reviews about it. Seems I struck lucky though as this is a belter! It has a similar texture and scent to the other RG waxes (bar Black Label) maybe a little firmer but not massively so. Its lovely to apply spreading very well with little product used.
Removal is its strong point though, after leaving it to cure for 8 minutes in relatively cold temps it was effortless to remove. I'm not sure how to describe the finish, its not a rich deep gloss or a sharp reflective finish either I think the word I'd use is radiant on my red car. It looks fabulous, I've 2 layers on at the moment and beading and sheeting are first rate. I'm delighted I bought this and if you're after a hidden gem that's not mega money its definitely worth a look!!!

So I think that's about it . These are only my opinions and will no doubt vary greatly from others, so what have you used guys and gals and how would YOU rate them?

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Good Idea!! This needs a sticky! I have always felt the real reviews on this site are far to buried or non existent.

Auto Glym

HD Wax: Roughly $50 CAD, excellent durability and water behavior, comes with 2 applicators and MF towel (nothing special but better then nothing). Fairly easy to apply and remove but easy to over apply which caused both application and removal to become harder (IMO).



476s: Excellent value at $20 CAD. Durability and Water behavior are very good, and you get a large amount of product. Application instructions are very specific, and if followed it's easy to apply and remove. If not, you will be in for a harder waxing experience.


Finish Kare

FK1000P: Another Excellent value at $20 CAD. Also a large tin, the main comparison to Collinites 476S. The high heat rating makes it very versatile and the Durability and Water behaviors is very good. Those who saw my test should know, if you don't wash it every week it will last VERY well. Just washed a friends car that had it applied before winter and was not washed since and it still beads and sheets well, far better then my 2 test sections that have been running since January. Application is a breeze as well as removal, however there is a fairly strong smell.


Bilt Hamber

Finis Wax: Price unknown since it was a small sample that was sent to me by a very generous member. That said, paying $100 CAD would not be out of line for this product. FANTASTIC durability and water Behavior, lasting 3 plus months being washed every week through winter. Easy application and removal. A brilliant wax, and something everyone should have in their arsenal.



EX Sealant: Roughly $15 - $20 for 16 oz. Good liquid sealant with ZERO fuss application and removal, either by machine or hand. Sunlight or shade, this sealant has a pleasing smell and effortless removal, being one of my favorite for ease of use. Durability was good from my very distant memory, but I haven't used it in since I picked up AG HD Wax. I'll be revisiting this soon.


I will be adding to this soon. I have more products I'd like to test.
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I would be here all day Lol,are we going to get paid for doing this?.SJ.
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Originally Posted by stonejedi View Post
I would be here all day Lol,are we going to get paid for doing this?.SJ.
Your posts will be deleted if you get paid
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Originally Posted by Sheep View Post
Your posts will be deleted if you get paid
No sense of humour in Canada eh?did you really think that I was expecting to get paid.SJ.
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Originally Posted by stonejedi View Post
No sense of humour in Canada eh?did you really think that I was expecting to get paid.SJ.
That was an inside joke. Sorry, eh.
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Auto glym hd - everyone raves about it but to me it is grabby to apply however removal and the looks make up for it. 7.5

Auto finesse illusion - outstanding looks, so easy to use and the price isn't that bad when you can compare it to bos which is twice the price ... 9

Auto finesse desire - really nice looks, easy to apply and remove though quite expensive. 8

Auto finesse temptation - nice budget wax, easy to use and good finish. 7

Angel wax desireable - a bit grabby to apply and remove, nice looks but prefer contenders, not a bad price though. 7

Bouncers salute the fruit - looks amazing, though application I like to do a car then remove and this one you have to do a panel at a time or it's very hard to remove. If done right though it's easy as pie. 7.5

Fk1000p - good durability, easy to apply, very cheap. 8

Poorboys natty wax - easy on, easy off. A bit easy to over apply but if you're careful it's fine. Like the fact you can apply in the sun. Looks very nice at a very cheap price. 8
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Going to have to come back to this thread, it will take some time 😜
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Blimey Wilco! Cor blimey, how much?

The usual suspect of victoria concours is strangely absent from your collection.

CG XXX wax. Bought for cheapness. Very easy on and off, curious fragrance, doesn't last at all well. 6

DJ BV. Panel pot, tough going on, but you can do the whole car before buffing off nice smell, good durability. Picks out the metallic flake well. 7

DJ PH. easy on and off, can do the whole car. Less durable than BV. good smell, less flake pop on my car than BV. 7

DJ RB juiced. Goes on easy, presently on my motorbike, easy off too. Unnoticeable scent. Can't comment on longevity but it seems thin. 7

Angelwax desirable, panel pot in a waxybox. Spreads well enough and I find okay to buff off, softish consistency, looks good and reasonably durable. 7

Autofinesse soul, bought 2ndhand. Did not get on with it, difficult to put on and spread around, grabby when buffing off, not keen on the fragrance, looked okay and lasted well enough but sold on. 6

Victoria collectors. Took me some time to get used to applying this, pot now finished (3oz). Really good looking when done and reasonable durability. Cost vs looks makes this 8

BMD Taurus, sample pot. Very nice, easy to go on, spreads forever and thinly too. Easy to buff off, good flake pop. Only just put on so can't comment on durability. 9

Bouncer's sherbet fizz, easy on, but don't leave too long or it's not easy off. Great smell, really makes metallic flake stand out. Only just used but buffing off gave the impression it will last a good while. 9
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