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T-Cut King (admin)
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An Interview with Tony from Zaino US

Well what a surprise it was when Tony Lauer Director of Marketing & Distribution from Zaino contacted me prior to his trip to Europe on business. Whilst here he has taken the time out of his busy schedule in the Uk and Europe to meet up with and talk to Detailing World.

So Tony tell us a little about yourself ?

My title with Zaino is Director of Marketing & Distribution. Primarily,
I manage all US order processing and fulfillment as well as distribution
for Zaino worldwide.

I'm married with 2 young boys, ages 27 months and 5
months. We live in the middle of the United States in the state of
Kansas. Yes, the land of the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy.

Tony What car do you drive ?

At present, my daily drivers are a '05 Chevrolet Avalanche, which is a
SUV/Truck and a '03 Chevrolet Silverado, which is a full size truck.
Both trucks are factory paint bright red. Both are much too large for
your roads here.
With two very young children, we are presently between
"fun" cars. My wife and I are car enthusiasts, but have recently sold
our '06 Mercedes-Benz S430 Sport, '04 Cadillac CTS-V, '02 Pontiac Grand
Prix GTP, and '00 Chevrolet Corvette. The square footage of our garage
is occupied by more strollers, wagons, and push toys than cars at the

When did you start working for Zaino ?

In various capacities, I started about 10 years ago.

How did you get to work for them ?

My relationship with Zaino began first as a customer. In 1997, I
purchased a brand new red Pontiac Grand Prix. I heard through some
postings about a product that created some stir among internet
communities. There was heavy skepticism on my part that the product
could live up to the claims. I tried it and was so impressed that I
began sharing the "secret" of Zaino with anyone who cared.

One Saturday morning, after spending the entire Friday night without
sleep enhancing my Zaino application, I placed a call to the number on
the side of the inkjet label printed bottles of Z-1 and Z-2 for tech
support. Sal Zaino personally answered the call and we spoke for hours
that Saturday. We became friends and I quickly found opportunity with Zaino.

Where is Zaino based ?

Zaino headquarters is based in the United States on the east coast near
New Jersey. Zaino warehouse, distribution, operations, and customer
service is centrally located in the Kansas City area.

What got you into Detailing ?

Since I've been too young to drive I've been trying to take care of
vehicles, probably since I was 14 years old. For $5, I mowed the large
grass lot at a gas station across the street from a self service car
wash. I always admired the transformation of dirty car to clean car. My
first car was a creme '79 Datsun B510 hatchback. I spent a lot of time
trying to clean it up and make that paint shine. I know I spent more
lawn mowing money shoveling quarters into that self service car wash
than on anything else.

I became obsessed with the details of clean glass, wheels, tires, wheel
wells, and the constant pursuit of a higher degree of perfection. When
the time was available, I spent every minute of it on those details. I
always took pride in a detail cleaned car. Comments by strangers on how
well my car looked fueled my flame. I always looked for the next level.
From using newspaper to clean the glass to thoroughly scrubbing the
tires, to various APC's in the engine compartment, I always wanted to
try new products and processes to achieve a higher level of perfection.

Do you detail cars ?

Personally, I love to, yes. As Zaino business keeps my schedule very
filled, I can't spend as much time as I'd like to. I am one of those
passionate "therapy" detailers that would schedule a long weekend or
holiday away strictly to spend with my car. I'm of firm belief that
proper detailing is an art. I'm having a lot of fun with machine
polishing right now using various abrasives.
Today, I find myself paying someone else to take care of my own vehicles while I spend time with family or work on other people's cars. I find that your definition of "detail" on this side of the pond is more closely aligned to what I enjoy. The "detail" terminology used in the US is rather loose.

How often ?

Very rarely and only as schedule permits. In the past month I've spent
some time on a new white Mercedes-Benz CL550 Coupe, a gold Hummer H2, a
yellow Ferrari 360 Modena, and a new black Porsche 911 Twin Turbo. Both
the Ferrari and Porsche required machine polishing. Aside from the full
range of Zaino on each vehicle, I typically use Menzerna on a rotary
where necessary.

Whats you favorite car to detail ?

The Ferrari F430.

Whats your favorite car / dream car?

The same Yellow Ferrari F430 Coupe. At the moment, I'm close to
acquisition of the 1:18 scale model version, which may be as close as
I'll get for a while, aside from the privilege to shine one up with
Zaino from time to time.

Whats your favorite Zaino product ?

While Z-2 and Z-5 PRO are our flagship products, I am always impressed
and use more Z-8 Grand Finale Spray than anything else.

Why ?

The visual glow and warmth that Z-8 provides always impresses me. While
not heavily positioned as such, the stand alone durability of Z-8 is
also very strong. During beta testing, we were amazed at the ability of
Z-8 to withstand repeated strong detergent washings. Using a foundation
of Z-2 or Z-5 PRO and maintaining after each wash by refreshing with Z-8
truly enhances the look and durability of the Zaino system.
We need to do a better job educating the consumer of proper usage of Z-8, as well as all of our products. We find that most consumers use too much
product, well more than is intended or necessary.As long as Z-8 is used
as directed, nearly every customer that tries it, loves it too.

How much testing goes into making a Zaino product ?

A lot. I would be so bold as to say that every new Zaino product or
revision of existing Zaino product goes through more testing than any
other product manufacturer performs. Several hundred hours of lab time
as well as hundreds of extensive real world environmental tests are
performed prior to consideration of product release. Combined with
extensive beta testing in various climates and conditions, dozens of
revisions are typical before a product meets production approval.

Can we expect anything new from Zaino ?
Definitely. Both overall and specific to the market potential for here
in Europe specifically.

Our focus has and will always be on product development. We've made some
very good performance progress with our core products that have been in
production for several months now. We also have some very exciting
products going through testing as we speak. It's too far away for
release of specific information, but I feel comfortable that our
customers will overwhelmingly respond in favor.

Zaino business is doing very well as is with our historic focus on pure
product development. We strongly believe that the "proof is in the
pudding". Customers use Zaino because it simply performs, not because we
have fancy bottles or labels or high dollar marketing campaigns. Now I'm
looking in the mirror here when I'm saying this, but in spite of little
to no marketing attention, a dated and confusing website, and zero
historic attention paid internationally, we've been doing extremely
well. While maintaining our product performance focus, what you'll soon
see is increased effort in these other areas of Zaino business.

During this month, and into the future, I'm spending a lot of time in
Europe and Asia. I believe that there is strong potential for our
product here and in Asia, particularly due to the durability and
performance of Zaino in the climates that you're exposed to. From the
constant moisture to brutal winters to the constant heat and humidity,
we have very strong performance benefits that can be of value to many
people. Apart from an assessment of market potential, it's no secret
that there are also significant distribution and logistical issues that
need to be dealt with here and in Asia as well.

We've spent the last year meeting with and speaking to our existing
customers, as well as those with strong potential to join our customer
list. While we have an excellent brand awareness, we know there's a lot
of work ahead. We don't plan to take over the world, but we want to make
the product that we are so proud of available to more people that will
appreciate it. To be very honest with you, we're having so much fun, we
know MORE fun is better!

I would just like to thank Tony for the insight into Zaino and sharing this with the DW community.

Its great to know that a company like Zaino will take on board comments and listen to a community of people like DW.

Whilst here Tony also brought over some sample kits and a few prizes that we will be giving away in the near future. I'll try an post some pics of the kits and prizes soon.
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Nice one Bill, an interesting read.
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Phil H
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Many Thanks indeed for that read. Excellent!
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An excellent interview. Nice to know that the company are so open to feedback. There products are excellent and maybe their approach has something to do with it
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Thats great Bill, nice insight and sounds like an exciting future ahead
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Summit Detailing
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good read that
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Orbital Oracle
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Send a message via MSN to djohn
Yep, enjoyed reading the article.
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Great article I think i may be buying some Zaino!
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Originally Posted by nks View Post
Great article I think i may be buying some Zaino!
I doubt you would get anyone from Z****l saying they use Menzerna Polishes
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Washmitt Meister
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Originally Posted by rallymad_nad View Post
I doubt you would get anyone from Z****l saying they use Menzerna Polishes
I do
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