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Biggest Wax Test Ever

Its taken some time in the making, and waiting for time allowance and the right day of weather hasn't helped things either.

What I would like to start by doing, is to start by thanking those persons who have helped me in this mission.

Jon - Epoch
Alex - Serious Performance
Ben - Rubbish Boys
Dom - Dodo
Mike - mickeystman
Rob - Gleam machine
Brian - Drive n Shine
Dom - Meguiars

What these guys help me to do was put together the following for this test:

Swissvax Divine
Swissvax Mystery
Swissvax Best of Show
Swissvax Concourso
Swissvax Saphir
Swissvax Onyx
***** Royale
***** Vintage
***** Glasur
***** Carbon
Collinite 845IW
Collinite 915
Collinite 476s
Nattys Blue
Nattys White
Rubbish Boys Orginal
Rubbish Boys Dodo Juice
Dodo Super Natural
Dodo Blue Velvet
Dodo Purple Haze
Dodo Rainforest Rub
Vic Concours (red)
Autoglym High Definition Wax
Finish Klare Pink Wax
Espuma Revive
Autosmart Cherry Glaze
Meguiars NXT

First job was to get the horsbox washed with Activo:

Next job was to clean and prep the paint, using Duraseal and an MF pad. ALL done by hand!

Once the prep was done it was time to start marking out some test beds:

Each wax applied with a clean foam pad. Each wax left for 30mins to cure. Each wax removed with a clean MF cloth.

Tape removed and glue lines left:

I have deliberately left the tape gaps and lines to help differentiate the areas for each wax. I aim to be checking the durability at the start of each month. I may even take a DW NW member on each occasion as witness.

And final full scale shots:

Not a bad afternoon's graft!

Best subscribe to this thread so you dont misss the updates!

Update 26.7.08

Well I finally got round to getting back and checking up on progress. Not the best day with the heat, but at least it wasn't doing the massive big fat rain we have had sooo much of since I applied all the waxes.

The waxes have now been in place for one month. Pics of dusty Horsebox:

I firstly gave the area a rinse with the P/W before spraying a layer of Ph Neutral Snowfoam over for washing:

Then rinsed off and checked the various sections as I did:

A reminder of what is where:

So any has happened?

Both Autosmart Cherry Glaze and the Espuma Revive have all but failed. There is some evidence of some remianing protection, but not enough that I could tell a csutomer their car had wax on it. We have our first two drop outs. This, if I am being honest, is exactly what I expected to see and thus confirms the rpogress to date and planned approach of comparing on the same panel area.

The rest of the waxes are all much of a muchness, and will need more time to see how they perform. This is with the exception of three waxes awhich displayed a lessing level and I feel will be shown up at the next update end of August time.

Updated Start of Sept 08
Through July we have had some mega weather, huge downpours, then bright sunshine, great fot he pushing of the LSps and the waxes to test their determination against the elements.

Some before pics:

Then washed and rinsed off. We now have a huge noticable area where a group of waxes have all failed:

So, lets confirm the state of play after two months.

Month one saw Revive and Cherry Glaze drop out - as expected and so no shocks.
This month we have said goodbye to:
Finish Kare Pink Wax
NXT Liquid
Dodo Blue Velvet
Dodo Rainforest Rub, and
Dodo Supernatural.

I have to say, I am completely shocked and would not have put any of these four to fail at the two month stage. Lets see what the next month brings!


slightly later than I would have hoped, but FD commitments must come first!

So, 8.10.08 - end ish of month three.

Drop outs? None to speak of.
On the being watched very carefully list as things aint looking too healthy:

1- Nattys White
2- Nattys Blue
3 - AG HD wax
4- Swissvax Onyx

5- Collinite 476s!! I'm gob smacked to say the least!

Lets see what end of Oct brings, I will try to be on track next time

review number 4!

Test start date 30.6.08. Reviews taken at 26.7.08, 1.9.08, 8.10.08 and today 1.11.08.

Over the months I've watched these waxes moving and doing their work, and I was kinda hoping we'd be slowing down with numbers by now, the weather has become harder, so I'm finding time and effort more difficult. But, on with the show!

Drop outs? no, we are still seeing protection from those remianing, although I have seen an increase in the number of waxes which must be watched very carefully at the next review. These include:

NXT Paste wax
Victoria Concours
Nattys white
Nattys Blue
Z Royale
Z Glasur
Z Carbon
Swissvax Onyx
Swissvax Saphir.

All wxes now stand at four months durability.

I have watched the Nattys and Onyx from last month when they entered my watch list and they have deteriorated slightly, but are still protected for now.


OK guys, time has pasted, we have seen one of the coldest and longest periods of weather since 1986, apparently.....

Review, 12th January 2009:

The last review was start of Nov, and today was a huge task just to wash the horsebox, I used over 175 litres!

Test orignally started 30th June 2008. Reviews took place at 26th July, 1st Spet, 8th Oct and 1st Nov 2008.

After 6 and 1/2 months, the following waxes are still protecting the paintwork:

Autoglym Hi Def
Collinite 915 Marque D'Elegance
Nattys White & Blue
RaceGlaze 55
Swissvax Divine, Mystery, BoS and Concourso
Victoria Concours
***** Vintage and Glasur

So there you have it, my final list of what lasted over six months in very extreme conditions too.

I am sorry to say I shall not be conducting any further reviews, the time is no longer available. Due to the amopunt of failures and the appearance of the horsebox there is also now a need to get it all stripped back and restored to its previous glory.

Thank you to everyone who has followed this, and I hope it has proved as useful to you, as it has to me.

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Thanks for taking time to do this test Iain and look forward to the results.

ps, you missed V/Concours of the list.
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Phil H
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subscribed mate! great test.
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Send a message via MSN to Silva1

looking foward for the results
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excellent work, i look forward to the future updates
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Nice idea, I look forward to seeing the results
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No 55 on there either !!
Mark Wibberley
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Look forward to the results.
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Dave KG
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Interesting test there, be good to see the results
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Nice one Iain, glad you got this off the ground

You wern't kidding about having a nice flat panel area for the test!

I shall watch with interest
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