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Projects and Restorations Building a car from scratch, restoring your pride and joy, building a track car, or starting a long term project? This is your place to document it.

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Vxr Nurburgring Correction Part 1.

This is my 3 month journey with my new Vxr Astra Nurburgring start to completition.

Well what can i say about the Astra Vxr Nurburgring Edition....

My journey started when the vxr brand manager asked me to Vauxhall HQ to view the new Limited Editon model and to view my thoughts...

Arriving at Vauxhall Headquarters i was quite excited as i had not seen one in the flesh...

Reception is astounding with waterfalls wither side of the front reception...

I met Dougie and was lead down to the area where the car was being held...

This was build number 1 of 835 and 95% the same as the production version would be..

Specifications of the Nurburgring over standard guise are as follows...

The Nurburgring Edition named after the car’s spiritual home, where much of its pre-production development was carried out, includes many never seen before specification items.
Priced at £20,995 on the road, each individually numbered Astra comes with exclusive all-white paint finish, lightweight white 18-inch 18-spoke alloy wheels and Dunlop performance tyres. Other exterior features include dark tinted rear windows, carbon fibre effect mirrors and B-Pillars and distinctive chequered flag body graphics to further emphasise the car’s incredible performance.
The Nurburgring Edition comes with the same 240PS, 2.0 Turbo engine as the Astra VXR, with each UK-specification car also coming provided with a Remus Sports Exhaust system.
The Nurburgring Edition theme continues inside, with carbon fibre effect detailing on the door trims and fascia, complementing the Piano black centre consule and trim.
Each car comes complete with exclusive leather trim with the Nurburgring circuit graphic embossed into the Recaro front seats and an individually numbered plaque showing each car’s build number.
Cars can be ordered at all Vauxhall Retailers from Friday 7th December.

Based on the Astra VXR, the Nurburgring Edition will feature (in addition to the VXR specification)
Glacier White Exterior Paint
Lightweight White 18-inch 18-spoke Alloy Wheels
Dunlop Performance Tyres
Carbon Fibre effect - Exterior mirror covers
Carbon Fibre effect - B Pillar covers with Nurburgring circuit graphic
Carbon Fibre effect - Nurburgring Edition Side-sill covers
Carbon Fibre effect - Interior Trim
Exclusive Leather Recaro seats with Nurburgring Circuit embossed into the headrest.
Dark Tinted rear glass
Chequered Flag Body Graphics
Remus Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust

Overall i was impressed and left on a high and contacted my dealer when i got home...

Now i paid around £18,100 if i remember correctly for my last vxr and now it was 15 months old and had 4 bald tyres so i was surpised when the dealership Astons in Melton Mowbray offered me a part exchange of £16400 which meant only a £1700 change over price for a standard Nurburgring so it was a no brainer....I like to think that the upkeep of my car washed every 3 days and never ever outside overnight combined with a constant 5 layers of wax on at any time influenced this decision of which i was informed it was....The car sold straight away to a new owner...My old car did have a reputation as possibly the cleanest vxr on the planet which i was proud of..

And the original blue vxr detail

Moving on 4 months and the day came to pick the car up from the dealership....I gave her a full detail the day before leaving and waxed her up ready for the new owner and drove to Melton Mowbray for the exchange...I had a tear in my eye..

Once inside i asked the salesman if i could have half hour on my own with the new car so i could fully inspect it...

Once the salesman had left i inspected the car then got my Paint aDepth Guage out and measured the paintwork on all panels to ensure that no accidental damage had been done and that no panels had been blowed over as i would have rejected the car instantly , i cant have that....The car was in good condition although i did spot a couple of blemishes and a bit of a sticker on the window which i queried but i knew it would come off so i left it..

Signed and sealed and i left a happy man...

Now i have big plans for the Nurbrgring and have spent the best part of 3 months inbetween designing and making bits for the car ready for it now it had arrived... The engine bay took 3 months to design and make , and the Ice install took about 60 hours aswell and all will be revealed later...

Correction Detail Day One.

The car was presoaked in Citrus degreaser and left for 2 minutes...

Then the car was sprayed off to get rid of the grit that had sprayed up the sides as i didnt really want to snow foam until this bad contamination had gone for fear of scratching the sides as it runs down...

Car then snowfoamed

and left to dwell for 5 minutes

and sprayed off

It was at this stage i decided to de-badge the car so i could clean behind it well and make sure it was clean ready for correction

Now the car was ready for washing...I decided to wash in pure reverse osmosis water zero ppm in the dunk bucket and 50/50 pure and hot water in the shampoo bucket...Shampoo used to day is Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II and a pure sheepskin wash mitt which i thought id try after over a year using a special silicone free sponge and obviously grit guards in both buckets...Wheel brushed used are my 2" , 1.5" and 1" sheepskin drumsticks..

Wheels first and sprayed with Mequiars apc diluted 4:1 and Autosmart Tardis for internals which manage a good job on delivery wax..

Swissvax Whell Brush used for wheel faces and nut enclosure

Water today not too hot and car washed

and sprayed off

Now the car is washed i decided to clay the car off as there has been a case of bad contamination on the Nurburgrings , tiny orange fallout spots not uncommon on new white cars but hard enough to remove without clay...Polyclay used today

A typical example of the contamination

Clay lube is maxi sudsII diluted 1 litre zero ppm water to 1 cap full...

Contamination cleaned with clay

and removed

Edges of all the graphics clayed

Clay bar after the bonnet

fairly clean....

Car then resprayed off

Buckets and water thrown and refilled and re washed

50 litres of Ro water used today on the car

and poured all over the car

then to aid with drying the car is quick detailed with Mequiars Last Touch

The car is then dryed with an Aquatouch drying towel

The car is then taken into the garage for inspection...

My two friends Paul Dalton aka Miracle and Macca my photographer decided that it would be a good idea to photograph every panel and document it so i had a photograph of every panel incase of dealership problems and as a record of what each panel looks like from new before correction...This was then saved to the Applemac..

Car also inspected with lighting and 3m sungun aswell to try and find defects..

Now i then spotted a problem on the roof which i was really unhappy about...A small paint blob about half a mm in size but none the less its there probably a spit from the spray gun...

This is magnified quite a few times

and after discussion we realised that without looking really hard it was not visible to the eye without knowing it was there so i accepted it as rejecting the car now would be difficult...

A couple of scratches were found

and a couple of spots that had to be removed

The rest of the car is inspected

before all the panels are measured for depth...

The highest areas were roof and bonnet at 160 +/- 3 microns

The lowest points were the door sides

and the average was round 140 which is common for vxr,s

Now the correction starts , we both chose our weapons of choice and make a start...

Products used today were a combination of sonus fx1 and 2 pads , megs polishing pads and 3m 80349 and Menz ip.

Trying to work on defects is so difficult on this colour and although its hard the car is quite badly scratched but impossible to photograph for viewing..

The bad scratch is worked on with 80349 but moved upto fast cut plus because its quite deep....A total of 2 microns is removed getting the scratch the best possible...

We then call it a day and have a large pizza....
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Posambique (18-12-2010)
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Amazing work guys. What a fantastic read. Makes you realise how imperfect the cars are when new.
I have two questions: How was the crust on the pizza after delivery? Was it consistent all the way around or did it vary in depth? This must be very frustrating for you!
Have you returned to the dealership for a trade-in price? I doubt if they appreciate all your efforts. I'm assuming the car now stands you at considerably more than the screen price when you include the price of paint depth guages, polsh, buffs, rags, reverse osmosis kit etc. I wonder if this is really worth the effort? Also, the white in the squares that you masked off will be different colour/shine and depth surely?

Keep up the good work - and the write ups. I love reading them when Me and the Missus return from the pub!
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Nice write up great motor
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Great post. Now all you need to do is to use is it as intended... at the Ring.
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Great work mate good to see the pros in action
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Nice work.

Health to enjoy the car, my friend!

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