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Showcase cover image for BRABUS SL

General Information

SL55 K8
Obsidian Black
From what I understand there were only around 6 made for UK!!!
I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and when you see the pictures that I have taken you will see why!!
My BRABUS SL has had many modification by BRABUS including the removal of the speed limiter! the top speed it projected to be over 200MPH, it has 550BHP, 780Nm of Torque, BRABUS Reprogrammed ABC Sport for a lower riding height and many more changes have been made including the interior such as the BRABUS re leathered interior and more!!
As you can tell I am very passionate about this car and I also other Mercedes models,
I also have a 1991 500SL (R230) which I have had for 6 years which is still a great car to drive, it on has 60,000 miles on it, when I bought it it had 30,000 miles on it, it's so smooth compared to the BRABUS, the BRABUS has a very potent (and addictive) power delivery, i would actualy say agressive but smooth at the same time. The problem is that I often have people in othe fast cars trying to test me such as Audi R8, Porsche 997 Carrera 2S, Carrera 4S, 996 Carrera TURBO and of course I leave them looking at my exhaust pipes (if you know what I mean)
2003 BRABUS/MERCEDES SL55 K8 (Obsidian Black)


BRABUS Modified Engine
BRABUS Uprated 5.4 L Supercharged V8 24V.
550 Bhp now 567 Bhp (remapped by DMS)
820Nm (620 lb ft) Torque.
BRABUS Adittional Charge Cooler.
BRABUS Additional Charge Cooler Pump.
BRABUS Sports Exhaust with Sports Cats.

As of October 2010
Kleeman Sports Headers
Kleeman Down Pipe
Eurocharged 82mm Throttle Body.
Eurocharged ECU Tune
Primary Cat Delete
Now 665 Bhp
850 Nm Torque
BRABUS Leather Seats.
BRABUS Leather Dash (upper/Lower)
BRABUS Leather Door Trim
BRABUS 220 MPH Re-Calibrated Speedo.
BRABUS Leather Center Consol.
BRABUS Leather Rear Storage Compartments.
BRABUS Embosed Floor Mats.
BRABUS Embosed Boot Mat.
BRABUS R230 Front Spoiler with Quad Fog Lamps.
BRABUS R230 Rear Spoiler.
BRABUS R230 Side Skirt. (with Led Lights)
BRABUS R230 Rear Apron.
BRABUS R230 Quad Chrom Tipped Exhaust.
Mercedes Command Unit, with Bose Active Speakers and Subwoffer.
Digital Freeview Twin Tuner with MP3 and Video Playback via USB input!
BRABUS ABC Sport Lowering Module.
Mercedes Adjustable Suspension.
Wheel and Tire
BRABUS 20" Monoblock IV Diamond Cut (set 1)
BRABUS 20" Monoblock IV Black Center (Set 2)
Continental 225/30/20 Contisport 3 Front
Continental 305/25/20 Contisport 3 Rear



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