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  1. Mitchell & King
    Welcome to the new look forum! Many of you will know, that I have been on DW since the very beginning and prior to that, I was an avid Autopia fan. I hope this gives the forum a new lease of life and gets it back to the good old days! As always, I am happy to answer any detailing related...
  2. Auto Allure
    Father in law picked up his new (to him) car yesterday, 2012 pug in dark grey. Lovely car for him, not an ounce of polish or wax on it, so good opportunity to try some more products I bought from Auto Allure. Cleaned the car as normal using Auto Allure snow foam and their Luxallure shampoo...
  3. Auto Allure
    Wash, Polish & Protect CLICK TO BUY AT REDUCED PRICE This is the perfect starter kit for the car cleaning enthusiast. We're including the wash stage, polishing stage and wax/sealant protection stage. All packaged in one bundle this kit is easy to use and has what you need to get the job...
  4. Auto Allure
    OFFER EXPIRED Our very popular Pick 5 sample box just got a little bit better. Pick 5 products for your box for just £14.99 PLUS pick a 6th for FREE Product link 6 x 250ml products As we've discounted these already - no discounts apply to this deal ;)
1-4 of 4 Results