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Hi all, looking to tap the hive mind with this one.

My new-to-me car has covered only 11k miles and for most of that the previous owner seems to have driven most of those miles with his/her elbow on the door capping and has created a shiny spot about 4 inches long and a couple wide.

At least this is what I think has happened. I've tried IPA which removed it temporarily - it returned shortly after which I find strange.

I've also tried AG Vinyl & Rubber Care, Valet Pro Black to the Future, White Spirit, Poor Boys Interior Cleaner and none have either touched it or made a lasting difference.

The surface feels different to the touch and you can certainly feel it when you run a MF cloth over it. I really can't work out how it seems to disappear then return. An oil/silicone perhaps?

The best outcome so far was to gently brush it with a fine Scotch-pad then wipe down with a wet MF cloth. I tested this approach on a hidden part of the door card and couldn't make it change finish so I figured, if used with care, I was unlikely to mess up the trim.

If it's a surface contaminant, what can I use to remove it?
Is there a long lasting matte finish dressing available that may help cover it up?

I don't have a photo of it at present, it's currently not available for photographs but I'm expecting it to return shortly馃槅

Edit: I think this may be heat activated. The car has been closed all day in high temperatures and here it is back :rolleyes:

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Out of curiosity I did check out the price of replacing the door card - it was lucky I was sitting down o_O

TIA for any advice/suggestions.

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Thanks all for your replies.

From all of these it seems that an APC (I have Elbow Grease) used repeatedly, perhaps heating with a hairdryer may be productive - this also supports the observation of it being heat activated.

A citrus based cleaner and repeated application may be an alternative.

A safe dedicated product for silicone removal may be required, not sure what this might be as yet but I'm sure Google will yield answers.

I haven't got as far as locating a secondhand door card but this may become necessary once all of the above has been tried.

Thanks again, any more pearls of wisdom gratefully received!

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Is there any particular brand of APC that's recommended? I had another go with Elbow Grease and a small scrubbing brush and it seems to have reduced slightly in appearance, just wondering if perhaps there's something better available.

Magic sponges[erasers] - are these all the same or should I be looking for any brand in particular?
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