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Like the rest of the Test panel I have now received my sample of Dressle multi purpose dressing for review.

On this occasion I had an ideal car to test it on because my car was absolutely desperate to be cleaned inside (I haven't cleaned inside for ages so this couldn't have come at a better time).

Before starting I used an APC (G101) to clean off whatever dressing was left on the dashboard, steering wheel etc. so I could start with a fresh clean surface.

To be honest it did look a bit dull and patchy when I commenced treatment.
On opening the bottle you immediately notice Dressle's perfume although not overpowering, I think Auto finesse really excel here making their products a pleasure to use, a fresh citrus smell greeted me, ideal for this type of product
The actual dressing was a little thinner than I expected, not a problem in itself but if you don't watch out you might use more than is needed however, if this is to be supplied as a spray then it makes sense and the solution is perfect. Because of its viscosity using it without a spray means a little goes a long way so not only is it economical to use but it is also easy to get an even finish on whatever surface you are treating.

I used a yellow foam applicator to apply Dressle and it was ideal for the task although I'm sure a microfibre cloth would have been just as good.

I applied the dressing then left it to cure for 5 - 10 minutes

before buffing it off with a microfibre this gave a pleasant satinish finish

I then applied a second coat to get the result I wanted.

One nice thing about Dressle is, it is layerable, by which I mean you can put multiple coats on it until you get the finish you want. Ideal in the respect that the last thing most of us want is a high gloss finish on the dash that reflects in the glass and ruins visibility, but neither do we want a matt finish that makes a car look uncared for.

Dressle gives the best of all worlds by allowing the user to decide exactly what finish they want on the interior simply by applying a second or even third coat if they wish.

I assume it will come as a sprayable solution when it goes on sale next week, this will make it perfect to get into difficult to reach places and it will really come into its own as a versatile product that many will find indespensible in their quest for perfection.

In addition to the Dressle I also received an Auto finesse air freshener, to be honest I'm not sure exactly what the perfume is but it's pleasant and since Mrs Rebel007 likes it so much I think it is likely to be perloined before it gets to my car :)

The Air freshener has quite a strong scent which leads me to believe it will probably be quite durable making a very pleasant change, too mant air fresheners lose their smell after a matter of hours this has already been open for a day and the scent is a strong now as whenb it was first opened fingers crossed it remains like this!

There was one more thing of interest in my envelope, a slip of paper with a scanable image that takes you straight to the AF website, giving instant access to the whole range of AF products. This makes it easy to use from either a computer/tablet or a smartphone and even better there is a 10% discount applied to any online orders placed via this method! I'm sure you would agree a useful saving to any AF customers as well as being a much more convenient way to access the Auto finesse site quickly and easily.

All in all some worthwhile additions to the Auto Finesse range of products a great multi purpose trim dressing, an extremely nice air freshener that appears to have a reasonable amount of durability built in as well as, if it is new, an easy quick access to the AF website giving a valuable discount to AF clients.

Comments welcome :)
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