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When I heard Auto Finesse were changing the Lather recipe I was instantly concerned. Like many DW users I have tried a few shampoos before finding one I liked. I like a basic shampoo that just cleans my car and leaves no polymers, waxes etc etc and Lather is my favourite. So when I found out they were changing it I thought why mess with something that's already good?

But I can safely say they have changed it for the good.

What I noticed was the bubbles lasted throughout the wash. I also noticed it rinsed off easier than the previous version. Not that the previous version was hard to rinse.

Anyway, here are the arbitrary washing photos:




Bucket at the end:

Money shot:


They gone and done good.

I feel the changes made by Auto Finesse are actually quite good, they have improved an already good formula. Bubbles last longer and is even more of a pleasure to use. I also feel it brings the beading back than can sometimes wane over time.

I recommend this even more than I did before.

Cheers for reading.

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