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The lithuanian lad who has the garage next to mine had seen me cleaning cars and asked me if i could sort out his BMW. I had a look around it and it looked very tired and unloved. To be fair ive seen him wash it - a basin of fairy and water an old sponge and a running hose to help:wall: so i wasnt surprised by the condition.

He had also seen me wetsanding bits of my car and thought hed have a pop :wall:

Deffinetly had my work cut out with this one.


somethings not right :S

Finnished - still had interior to do so didnt get many pictures

Full wash and decontamination as always
Menzerna PF2500 with DAS6pro on Green hex tech pad
AD cherry glaze
AD project 32
Angelwax QED to finnish
AF crystal
AD trim and tyre gel
Fk100p on wheels
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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