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Hi guys just thought i would share this with you, I have cleared this with whizzer so all above board.

I am running an auction for a charity detail for a very special purpose, we are trying to get an ex serviceman back home from thailand.

The story is he has had a massive accident whilst there and he needs medevac to get him back to the UK but this is at a very high cost.

Here is his story.

If you want to get involved with the bidding then please do so by visiting this page

The detail will be carried out in our unit and the level will be at a minimum a protection detail but hopefully higher bidders will come along and push the detail up to correction level.

The more money in the pot the higher the treatment and every penny will go to bringing home Stu.

If you do not want to take part in the auction you could always donate to the cause if you should wish, the donate page is on the Support Our Stu page or here

There are 51 days left for the target to be hit so this will run for 51 days from now. The detail will then be arranged at a time to suit.

Every penny is helpful and hope you can show your support for an ex serviceman.

Thanks Russ
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