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Hey everyone!

So, we were moving everything to the new premises, and wouldn't you know it, we fumbled a pallette and a load of stuff fell out all over the place.

As a result, we have a whole mess of products that are only ever so slightly damaged - scuffs to labels and packaging, nothing more than that - but that we can't now sell at full price. We've also got some other items we are reducing to clear - so, we are offering a load of products with prices reduced 30-50%! It's a one-time offer, so don't hang around, or you'll miss out! All our offers can be found at

(real link at the bottom of this post)

There are many to choose from, but here's just a quick glimpse of some of the best:

Swissvax Crystal Rock wax reduced 30% - was £795.00. now £556.60! we have ONE slightly scuffed pot of this legendary wax, and you will not get another chance to secure one at this price Again, so don't wait around - GRAB IT QUICK!

50% OFF this slightly scuffed (but not torn) Swissvax Master Collection Kit. It's also missing Cleaner Fluid Regular. Normally £4958.00, now only £247.50! Again, thanks to inept fork-lifting, we only have ONE, and you won't see one at this price again, so snap it up quick!

50% OFF this factory-refurbished Meguiar's G220V2 machine polisher. The machine was faulty from the factory and returned for repair and refurbishment. We have JUST ONE, and we are selling it at HALF PRICE - normally £175.00, now just £87.50. You snooze, you lose!

Next up: 30% OFF this slightly scuffed and cosmetically damaged Auto Finesse Illusion Show Car wax. Normally £74.95, now just £52.47. Can you afford to miss out on a price like this for such a great wax? (hint: no).

What, you thought we were done? OH NO. This ONE pot of Swissvax Samurai wax has some very minor scuffing on the label, and so is reduced 30% from £70.00 to just £49.00. We only have one, so don't miss out!

Next up, again with minor label scuffing, we have this ONE pot of Swissvax Viking wax, reduced 30% from £70 to £49.00. Don't pass it up, Swedish car owners!

And there's plenty more treats on sale, so go check them all out in our sale section right here:

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