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Estoril Blue Audi S5 Received A Protection Detail @ Deep-Shine Detail.

The Wheels & callipers were freshened up and cleansed using a safe cleaner and a selection of brushes/woolies.

The car was then blanketed with a cleansing foam for it's pre-wash to help soften and remove light surface contaminates it was left to dwell for a few minutes before attacking hard to reach areas with a detailing brush

The car was washed using he 2 bucket method, grit guards and a selection of wash mitts.

The car was moved inside then fully clayed to remove any remaining bonded contaminates from the paints surface. Not to much remained after the various previous decontamination stages however non the less there was still some present

fully dried using a drying towel and a hot air blower.

The Paint was prepared with a pre-wax cleanser.

Swissvax Shield was applied

All Other areas of the car were treated and protected

Completion Images

Many Thanks Adi :thumb:​
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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