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Hello all, just to introduce myself i am Mitch watts and i am not one of the chosen 20 product testers but got sent a bottle of the new product dressel with my order wich came through this morning, so thought i will give it a review as i had the day off work and was cleaning the car:

The only product i have to compare the dressle to is auto finesse Revive trim dressing,which i found very good and very easy to apply and gives a nice satin finish but i think lacks i a nice smell, also with a releasable durable time , which straight away when opening the bottle of dressle there was a nice fruity smell, i applied the dressle with a af yellow applicator pad only to the front grilles of the car to see what it is like, as said it has much more of a smell than revive and more of a gloss to it than revive but still looks natural, it gave the grilles a lift and isnt greasy when touching the grilles, i left it for 5 mins before it to buffing off, i can comment on how durable it is but will do when the car has been driven.

so to conclude i would buy this a a trim dressing for my personal collection, but don't know the prices yet, smells great and very easy to apply and buff off any a quick picture to show what it looks like when finished:

many thanks Vitch-w aka mitch watts:thumb:
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