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my review of the all purpose dressing from AF
first impressions very watery consistency and has a sligth sweet smell

for this review i will be testing dressle againgst autosmart finish,one of my favourites. dressle wil be o the left and finish on the right.

first of i cleaned my airbox with G101,not very diry tbh but good to remove previous finish

next bot products applied librely and spread using to seperate sponge applicators

after 5mins both buffed of using two seperat microfibres

and of course beading shot

My conclusion
Dressle was simple to apply and remove and beads well,but in my opinion finish leaves a more darker finish than dressle does.
heres a thought both are white,both are water based and both bead exactly the same:confused:
will i buy it no but for people who only want small quantities of product then go for it:thumb:
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