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Here is the latest AutoFinesse product sample - the first Prototype product they have sent out for review.

From the letter...
Dressle (as in Dress All) is our new all purpose dressing for interior and exterior passtic and vinyl surfaces, from engine bays to dashboards and all in-between.

Dressle is a water based dry cure dressing suitable for interior & exterior trim. From door cards to wheel arches engine bays to dashboards, boasting a 'new look' dry touch sheen and advanced UC protection, Dressle adds that finishing touch to a multitude of areas around your vehicle.


I decided to test this on my engine bay, specifically on the engine cover. It was fairly clean before hand, so just just needed a wipe down with APC to get it ready.

Dressle seems to be quite a thin liquid, and will be ideal to spray. For this test I used a new foam pad with a few drops of Dressle carefully applied.

Initially the surface looks quite wet, but the product quickly dries to leave a really nice, satin finish. It's not too shiny but definitely adds to the finish.

Would I buy it?
Dressle is a product designed for multiple applications so you might expect it to be expensive, but at just £11.95 for 500ml I think it offers fantastic value.

When my current dressings run out I will be buying some.
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