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I have to apologize for the poor photos before you read on. I got stuck into trying out the product and didn't spend enough time setting up the camera :eek:

Onto the review...
First look at the product, it's a very runny white liquid as you've probably seen on other reviews. It will be in a spray bottle in it's retail packaging.
The smell, people have hinted at a citrus scent but all I get from it is Mickey Finn's Apple Sours (other brands are available).

To apply the product I put it into a spray bottle and tried two methods.

1. Interior Trims.

The dash and door cards were wiped down with APC, allowed to dry.
Dressle was sprayed to a microfiber cloth and then applied to the dash and door cards.


Applied to a clean microfiber cloth

And onto the areas at hand. The mk4 dash has a 'soft touch' coating to it and usually dresses very evenly and smoothly.
I found that the Dressle went on a little patchy on this surface. I wasn't able to capture it in a photo but you could tell it was there under the florescent lighting.
I left it a few minutes and gave it a little buff and it came up smashing :thumb: A nice even natural sheen was left behind.

2. Engine bay plastics.
Being a VW, there's lots of plastic covers under the bonnet. I chose to use Dressle as I would my go to engine dressing product... APC clean, dry, spray on and shut the bonnet.

APC allowed to dwell

Wiped down with a few cloths

All ready for dressing

I sprayed the main engine cover, slam panel cover, air box and battery cover.

I left it a few minutes and wiped down one half of the slam panel cover but left the rest alone.
I done this on Sunday evening so it's had a few days to settle. I'm going to head down for the post and some RC drift fun so I'll update this a little later with how it's turned out :)

I used it on a whole interior and engine bay have just under half a bottle left so a little goes a long way with Dressle. I'll be using it on my girlfriend's car over the weekend to see how it fairs on exterior plastics as well :)

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Right, here's the results of the dressed engine bay.
All surfaces have dried nicely with a non greasy finish.

You can see the varied finishes achieved by either spraying and leaving the product for a shinier look, or wiping down for a more natural result.

The front panel wiped down on one side

The whole bay

The difference in finish is a lot more apparent here :)

I'll keep it updated as to how long the dressing lasts and after a second use at the weekend.
Thanks for reading :)

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I have Dressle another bash today. This time on an exterior boot trim.
This is my Mum's daily car and takes some abuse.

Given a thorough citrus degreasing and dried.

So as you can see, it's rather dull.
I applied a small drop of Dressle to a foam applicator and worked it in to half of the trim.

Then I dressed the other half. By the time it was done the first half had dried up and gone dull again.

Hmm :rolleyes:

So I then dressed the whole thing again and allowed it to dry and it was much better :)

Just a few tiny bits needed touching in but over all a decent finish.
As you can see in the last photo, there is about a third of the bottle left which is pretty good to me for dressing an interior, engine bay and now this large trim twice.

I feel that since the trim was so dry, almost all dressings would have dropped back a little after feeding the plastic so I wouldn't fault it for this test. To be honest, I feel Revive would have been a better product to use in this case but Dressle still has it's place for the trickier areas like tight grills where it can be sprayed in. Revive is trickier and time consuming for jobs like that.

Thanks for reading again :)
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