This is a FLEX kit that I picked up earlier this year, new and unused from a seller on FB Market Place. My asking price is fair I think, bearing in mind all the extra pads and very minimal use.

To buy this kit new, with the additional pads would cost £411, based on the cheapest prices I can find from online retailers.

I’ve used it to correct the paint on a Z4, and it’s more than capable of correcting an entire car, even with rock hard 14 year old BMW paint. Might only take 80mm Pads, but superb cutting power with the 12mm throw and FLEX Purple pads, easily brought a wet-sanded Z4 bonnet back to perfect clarity.

The only reason for the sale is that I had a rush of blood to the head and splashed out on a FLEX Supa-beast. As I also have an SPTA battery powered nano-polisher this is now a little redundant.

Very smooth machine, excellent package for someone starting out. I’ve used some of the included cutting compound, maybe 20% of the bottle, but the finishing compound is untouched.

Comes with 3 purple cutting pads (dropped one so binned it), 5 orange cutting/polishing pads, 5 red/white finishing pads, and a single green extra heavy duty cutting pad which came in the kit. To be honest the purple pads are more than enough for most heavy defect removal, so I didn’t feel the need to order more green pads!

For clarity, the pic of the wet sanded bonnet was only after a single pass by hand, it was more refined than this with very fine grade paper before polishing commenced.

I would prefer collection from BS30 6HJ, Bitton, Bristol, near Bath but will consider posting at cost.