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Hi all,

I joined a long time ago, but in truth I haven't had the headspace to use the forum.

I'm back now and ready to use the forum sparingly.

I'm looking for general advice on detailing as I like my car looking as clean as possible and I think I've found a keeper of a car, so I'm even more interested in looking after it's appearance and also overall condition.

I've owned a lot of cars in a relatively short amount of time (Car number 16 now in 15 years of driving). I've always kept them as clean as time has allowed and I've always tried to keep away from car washes. But, it has been unavoidable in the past when working 2 jobs and/or running a business too.

I'll dig out some pics if I can of my old cars once cleaned. It's a great feeling looking at your car once it's cleaned and polished up nicely!


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welcome along to DW
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