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Hi folks.

I am new to the forums so if I am asking stupid questions, I probably have quite a few, please be gentle :)

I own a couple of cars, one flat white and one dark metallic purple/blue, which is annoying as they are at totally different ends of the colour spectrum which makes buying wax and LSPs rather difficult because they both seem to need something completely different to make them look their best. A good excuse to get more goodies though :thumb:

I have just recently invested in a DAS-6 Pro DA polisher and some CG Hexlogic pads and a couple of Sonus polishes after reading up a fair bit on here. Also bought some iron X and detailing brushes.
I haven't had a chance to use any of it yet though (on a ship at the moment) :(
I have some "practice" cars lined up, friends and family who never wash their cars, well my dad does his twice a year with a bucket and a sponge, but you get the idea.

This is turning into a long post, sorry.

My basic wash routine is:
Rinse car from hose
Clay - using Autoglym clay kit at the moment, used to use Megs
LSP - Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection on both cars at the moment
Glass - Fast Glass
Wheels - Supraguard wheel cleaner - came with the supraguard pack from the dealer which I wish I hadn't bought :mad:
Tyres - whatever tyre black I have lying around.

So onto the silly questions, there are many so please bear with me...

1. I was thinking of updating my procedure to the following:
Rinse with hose
Rinse with hose + 2BM?

Does that sound about right for the paintwork? Should I add a sealant in between the glaze and LSP if the LSP is a wax or just wax after the glaze?

2. Do I need to get pad conditioner to spray onto the pads before using them for the first time on any paintwork?

3. How do you clean your polishing pads?

4. Which glazes should I use for each car? I was thinking Poorboys Black hole for the Purple/blue car and Poorboys White Diamond for the white car.

5. What is a good wax to use on the cars? I was looking at buying a sampler pack of the Dodo Juice soft four waxes and doing some experimenting :D

6. I have a chrome bumper on the white car and it is quite badly scored from poor washing in the past and a misguided attempt to polish it up :eek: what is the best way to rectify this? Autoglym metal polish or perhaps leave it to a professional?

7. Wheel sealants - any favourites?

8. Should I invest in an APC? They seem to be used everywhere, would this be good enough for under wheel arches and for the engine bay as well as the interior?

I think that's it for now... No doubt I will come up with more questions as time goes by. Thanks for your help in advance :)

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Sadly you're millions* of miles away from us, but if you are ever round Cheshire way, feel free to hit us up for a training course, which has a focus on machine polishing but covers everything else :)

*this is an approximation based on my rubbish sense of geography
Yeah millions of miles is about right. It would be a very long journey. I did get in touch with a Dominion Detailing in Edinburgh about a beginners DA course. Hopefully he will be running one when I am at home. Fingers crossed.

Have to say I am looking forward to getting home and trying out all my new products.
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