Having a clear out so variety of stuff for sale. Most are new and/or unused or only briefly tried so wax swipe or 10ml of product used but any questions just ask

Liquid Drinking water Bottle Water bottle Handwriting
Bottle Liquid Drinkware Handwriting Automotive tire
Liquid Plant Drinkware Bottle Handwriting
Bottle Liquid Bottle cap Water bottle Drinkware
Automotive tire Tire Handwriting Office supplies Font
Eye Black Human body Font Material property
Handwriting Liquid Fluid Drinkware Font
Liquid Handwriting Cloud Fluid Drinkware
Handwriting Drinkware Recipe Font Serveware
Liquid Drinkware Handwriting Bottle Water bottle

  • Waxaddict Slicks tyre dressing. Just over half left so just over 1l £20
  • Waxaddict lustre QD about half so 1l £20
  • Waxaddict Vortex wax. New and unused still in box with applicator £140
  • Wowos final shine £6 SOLD
  • Wowos Paint sealant £6
  • Wowos QD £7 SOLD
  • Wowos butter wax £20
  • Wowos signature wax £15
  • Obsession Wax Flawless QD £6 SOLD
  • Pyramid Car Care PremiumCeramic Coating. Unused £50
  • SPP Tyre glazed 1l £8
  • Adams H2O Guard and Gloss £12 SOLD
  • Soft 99 luxury gloss £6 SOLD
  • Soft 99 smooth egg £7
  • Chemical Guys waterless wash £8 SOLD
  • Chemical guys citrus wash & gloss £6 SOLD
  • Waxplanet duragloss £6 SOLD
  • Nextzett rain away 200ml £5 SOLD