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Hi :wave:

New to detailing world, been lurking for a while and thought I should probably join up as the site is just so useful.

Its been ages since I last did any proper car cleaning, about 4 years, but I have started to get back into it recently due to my boyfriend.
Long story short is that he had been borrowing my car for the last 8 months or so, and had NEVER washed it in that time! :mad::mad::mad:
I finally got him to leave it with me for a few days so that I could clean it and the state it was in was horrific. Bird poo etching, some damage to the paint round the filler cap where he had dribbled filling it up. And the car is only just over 2 years old :( Needless to say words were had! :censored:

Which is how I ended up over here.

I used to be quite into cleaning my cars, I wouldn't insult you guys by calling it detailing though. I use the 2BM, clay and seal the paint using either hard wax or recently AG extra gloss protection.

At the moment my kit consists mostly of AutoGlym stuff. I used to use Megs wax on my old car and it was great (well I thought it was at the time, willing to be educated), but I think that the wax will have gone off now as I haven't stored it properly and its well over 4 years old :(

So I have also been onto spending quite a lot of money on new kit, polishes, etc.
I will post a separate thread asking for advice with all of that though I think.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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