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Big list of items here

please make initial offers in this thread, i will PM as soon as possible

(Off the top of my head, I've valued all this stuff to be around the £900 mark, probably close to £1500 new)

Because there are so many items I will only be selling items in bundles to people (10 item minimum) or a job lot price for everything

Any left over items will be considered for sale after the thread has died down

I have quite a busy lifestyle at the moment so please bear with me to get back to you when doing deals on this stuff, it could get messy very easy with loads of offers etc. I'll do my best to accept post ASAP!

Payments to be made through PayPal (gift preferred)

All quantities of product are an underestimate to avoid disappointment. So you will have more product than stated, this will eliminate any "there was less than 50% when you said there was 65%" arguments...

I will properly update the original post every night on what is still available


The list

Autoglym plastx 70%
G101 1ltr 100%
Highstyle x 2 500ml (95% and 100%)
Meguiars #83 1kg 60%
Meguairs #81 1kg 95%
Carlack shampoo unopened 500ml
Wolfs deionizer v3 500ml 50%
Dodo juice menthol glass cleaner concentrate 1ltr 90%
Poor boys white diamond 90%
Poor boys black hole 75%
Gtechniq g2 75%
Gtechniq g3 40%
Gtechniq g4 50% SOLD
Reload sample 100%
Maxolen apc sample full
Maxolen perfect sample full
Britemax twins 60% SOLD
Dodo juice lime prime 65%
Dodo juice lime prime lite 90%
Werkstat acrylic gloss 50%
Chemical guys trim gel 100%
Chemical guys bug and tar remover 40%
Chemical guys barebones 65%
Autobrite direct Jaffa clean 35%
Zymol QD 30%
Optimum metal polish 50%
Autobrite Super snow foam 100%
Gtechniq i1 40% SOLD
Car pro perl 90% SOLD
Poor boys bug squash 35%
Autobrite citrus wash apc concentrate 100%
Autoglym Srp x 2 1ltr both 100%
Dodo juice red mist 50%
Method glass cleaner 90%
Pre diluted engine bay dressing 30%
Werkstat satin prot 60% SOLD
Chemical guys watermelon air freshener 30%
Zaino z8 25%
Optimum opti-seal 70%
ValetPRO citrus bling 100%
Optimum no rinse 30%
Autoglym intensive tar remover 20%
Bilt hamber waterless wash formula (rare, not in production) 75%
Dodo juice born to be mild 30%
P21s shampoo 80%
Chemical guys wet mirror finish 100%
Menzerna final inspection 75%
Chemical guys vrp dressing 25%
Espuma revolution 40%
Car pro fog fight kit 100%
Prima amigo 70%
Swiassvax cleaner fluid 50% SOLD
Menzerna 3.02 70%
Menzerna 203s x 2 (100% and 70%)
Menzerna 83res 80%
autofinesse spritz 50% (trigger broke)
Autofinesse finale 50%
Autofinesse tough prep 80%
Autofinesse power seal 95%
Autofinesse imperial 100%
Autofinesse revive 60%
Autofinesse rejuvenate 70%
Autofinesse tripple 75%
Brite wheels 5l 40%
Meguiars wheel brightener 5l 35%
Britegel 5l 75% SOLD
Magifoam 5l 20%
Demon shine 2.5ltr 60%
Chemical guys citrus wash and gloss 5l 15%
Autobrite citrus wash 5l 25%
Meguiars #135 QD 5l 35%
Autobrite bug remover 5l 75%
Assorted bag of mirka discs (2000,2500,300)(spot pads too)
EP801 rotary machine boxed with backing plate
Dodo juice supernatural sponge x2 brand new
Gtechniq Arizona wash mitt (used but perfect condition, just like car pro one but with a shorter pile)
Snow foam lance Karcher fitting
Snow foam lance kranzle or m22 fitting (can be converted)
Swissvax wax buffing cloth x2 brand new
Large wheel woolie
Small wheel woolie
Ironx soap gel 95%
Autoglym metal polish 40%
Autoglym active insect remover 20%
Gloss it pad conditioner 100%
Meguiars 3 step system 80%
Clay magic lube 100%
Meguiars gold class bug and tar remover 30%
Meguiars gold class leather conditioner 70%
Meguiars nxt tech wax 65%
Elite sample of mothers reflection glaze 100%
ValetPRO bumper gel 100%
rainx anti fog 90%
Rainx rain repellant 30%
Sonus 3 step system 90%
Autoglym bumper care 70%
Tyre gel (I think it's carchem) 80%
Kleers samples (shampoo, polish, metal polish) 50%
Mer sample sachet
Meguiars sample #105 x2 100%
Meguiars sample #205 x2 100%
Dodojuice purple haze sample 95%
Angel wax silver flake sample 100%
Autofinesse spirit sample 100%
Bouncers vanilla ice 99%
Lusso Oro 50% (can't get lid off, didn't want to break pot)
Autofinesse temptation 95%
Bouncers 22 100% (pot #1 of a limited edition batch)
Chemical guys petes53 99% SOLD
Bouncers moonshine SOLD
i <3 DW SOLD

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Moonshine was sold to whom?
I can't see any offer been accepted or stated that it was advertised elsewhere,
I don't mean to be a ball breaker here, but I asked first for it and I <3 DW and this is very frustrating.
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