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ok, ill try this again! more info this time and hopefully no rules broken :D

all items will be sent recorded delivery, paypal only

delivery within the UK ONLY

all prices include postage

will not accept offers unless wanting multiple product or bundle

£5 items must be purchased with another item, i will not sell a £5 item individually unless extra postage costs are agreed)

meguiars 3 step kit 473ml bottles (70% left in each)(will not split) £15

SOLD sonus 3 step kit (all bottles 8oz)(90% in each)(will not split) £15

SOLD menzerna kit (203s x2, 85res, 3.02)(all full)(will not split) £25

SOLD autofinesse bundle (spirit 40% 500ml, finale 50% 500ml, tough prep 100% 250ml, revive 60% 250ml, tripple 75% 500ml, power seal 90% 500ml, rejuvenate 80% 250ml)(will not split) £40

SOLD EP801 rotary polisher (boxed, used for 8 months, perfect working order, comes with backing plate) £60

SOLD sample kit consisting of megs#105, megs#205, kleers paint cleaner, kleers shampoo, kleers metal polish, mer polish, mothers reflection glaze, britemax #4, maxolen apc, maxolen polish, carpro reload)(will not split) £20

SOLD hex logic pads (new: blue 5.5, white spot, green spot, black 5.5, black spot)(used: 2x white 5.5, orange 5.5, blue 5.5, orange spot)(will not split) £50

assorted box of pads, cutting, polishing, finishing. spot pads also. not sure of brands, but 99% are brand new! around 50 pads in total (will not split) £75

SOLD karcher foam lance £20
Kranzle or M22 foam lance £25

(NO LONGER AVAILABLE)lusso oro (cant open lid and dont want to force it myself never used) £20
SOLD chemical guys wheel guard 80% £10
SOLD autofinesse temptation 99% £10
dodo juice purple haze panel pot 100% £5
auto finesse spirit panel pot 99% £10
(NO LONGER AVAILABLE)meguiars #16 85% £15
SOLD angelwax silver flake panel pot 100% £10
SOLD fk1000p 80% 150ml tin? £10
SOLD collinite 476s 90% £10

black hole 500ml £10
SOLD white diamond 500ml £10
meguiars #81 1kg £17.50
meguiars #83 500ml £12.50
SOLD dodojuice lime prime 200ml £10
SOLD dodojuice lime prime lite 250ml £12.50

autobrite citrus wash 500ml £5
SOLD chemical guys vrp dressing 200ml £5
menzerna top inspection 450ml £5
SOLD espuma revolution 300ml left £5
chemical guys wet mirror finish glaze 500ml £10
poorboys bug squash 250ml £5

valetPRO bumper gel 400ml £5
SOLD chemical guys trim gel 500ml £10
SOLD dodojuice born to be mild 200ml £5
SOLD chemical guys bare bones 350ml £5
zymol QD 200ml £5
SOLD autobrite super snow foam 500ml £5
p21s shampoo 500ml £10
SOLD autobrite jaffa clean 300ml £5
SOLD prima amigo 250ml £10

werkstat acrylic gloss qd 250ml £8.50
bilthamber waterless wash 450ml (rare, not in production) £15
wolfs de-ironizer 250ml £5
autosmart highstyle 500ml £8
autosmart highstyle 480ml £7
SOLD dodo juice menthol glass cleaner concentrate 800ml £8.50

ONR 200ml £5
SOLD zaino z8 200ml £5
SOLD dodo juice red mist 150ml £5
SOLD carpro fog fight kit brand new £10
chemical guys bug and tar remover 300ml £5
valetPRO citrus bling 500ml £5
SOLD optimum opti-seal sealant 8oz 95% £10

autoglym srp 2x 1litre bottles £7.50 each

SOLD gtechniq G2 70ml £5
SOLD gtechniq g3 50ml £5

meguiars plastx 300ml £5
SOLD meguiars leather condioner 400ml £5
meguiars bug and tar 300ml £5
SOLD meguiars nxt tech wax 400ml £5

brite wheels 2.5ltr £12
SOLD citrus wash and gloss 750ml £5
autobrite citrus wash 1.5ltr £8
megs '135 QD 1.5ltr £10
autobrite bug cleaner 4.5ltr £15
SOLD magifoam 1ltr £7.50
SOLD meguiars wheel brightener 1.5ltr £7.50

3,250 Posts
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af temptation at asking please
deal, pm on its way

dodo juice menthol glass cleaner concentrate 800ml £8.50

Could i take the above if its sold on its own.
deal pm on its way

I'll take these but how much is in these ??

zaino z8 200ml £5

optimum opti-seal sealant 500ml £10
it was a mistake, i have updated now

z8 has around 200ml left, opti-seal is the 8oz bottle and is 95% full

thats a deal if your ok with this calrification

ill pm you if you accept in the thread

Prima amigo please
deal pm on its way

£35 for the Menz & Sonus compounds ?
deal, pm on its way

Will take the Full set of Autofinesse gear :)
deal pm on its way

will take the temptation and black hole please
temptation has sold

black hole still available

BTBM please. You can post with the Britegel if you want :)
ok no problem

pm on its way

Il take:
Prime Lite
Prima Amigo

PM me a total price
prima amigo will go to first person who asked for it at full price im afraid, if they drop out i will let you know

prime lite and 476s will be £20

Above and the fk1000p, £30 for the lot?:thumb:
£32.50 lowest i will go
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