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Going through old HDDs yesterday found a few shots and reprocessed them in LR :)

Grasmere - Autumn Reflections
On a still day in Autumn, the beautiful tree colours reflected in Grasmere.

Buttermere Fells
On the shores of a very still Buttermere on a cold afternoon in November. The Buttermere Fells consisting of High Snockrigg shrouded in cloud whilst Goat Crag stands proud in front.

Bow Fell, Crinkle Crags and the Band
Whilst driving up the extremely steep road up to Blea Tarn it always pays to keep an eye on you rear view mirror for scenes. Had to stop the car (handbrake on tight) and capture this on the way up. Bow Fell and Crinkle Crags shrouded in cloud.

Down in the Dale, Wast Water
Very windy and light ever so changeable, we were at this location for about forty minutes waiting for the sun to catch both the building and the side of Lingmell. Great Gable looming in the background.

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