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As per my Satin review, I'm an original Lather user so again I decided to run them side by side.

V1 vs V2 for this I filled two buckets, one with V1 (blue bucket) and one with V2 (red bucket)

A cap full of V1 was used

A pale yellow watery liquid, can't quite puy my finger on the scent but doesn't give off alot so its not very noticable anyways.

A cap full of V2 in the other bucket

First thing I noticed about V2 is its a slightly thicker liquid than V1, clear in colour when you compare side by side. Again no real strong scent given.

Both filled with water, then blast with pressure washer to give maximum amount of bubbles.

V1 in blue bucket, V2 in red bucket. I cleaned the NS with V2 and the OS with V1.

Todays test subject...

While mixing and comparing the two versions of lather, i had the car soaking in snow foam

Once rinsed off, I set about washing the car. Both buckets had sat for around 5mins and not lost any bubbles from above image.

V1 straight from the bucket, good amount of bubbles and spreads well

V2 straight from the bucket, good amount of bubbles again, spreads well hard to tell the difference at first. The real improvement of V2 comes after more use.

Each dip reamined this way throught the wash aiding lubrication across the paintwork.

This can be seen best in the after shots here

V1 after washing half a car and mixed for approx 15mins

V2 after washing other half of car and again mixed for approx 15mins

As you can see even after sitting for 15mins + V2 is like V1 after 5mins.

Much improved with the new formula lather, I was always flicking between lather and another shampoo, but have ordered the new formula and will be my main shampoo of choice from now on.

Great cleaning results, good lubrication, no over powering smell, does what it needs to do and does it well.

V2 is much improved.

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