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Hi Guys,

Thanks again to AF for sending out the sample of the new Lather for me to test as part of the product testing team. Being a fan of the previous versions, I was looking forward to putting it to the test. So much so that I actually bought a full bottle to ensure I test it very thoroughly!

The test car was my Father-In-Laws Range Rover Sport, 3 years old with 35k miles on the clock, and wearing DefWax HCC PRO Ceramic Sealant as it's protection. I normally wash this car weekly but I've been particularly busy lately, meaning it's been somewhat neglected! The perfect test for a new shampoo!

The wheels were cleaned with AS Smart Wheels and various brushes, along with degreasers for the tyres and arches, before treating the car to a pre-wash using the excellent Citrus Power.

Left to dwell for a few minutes and then power washed off. Just to show how effective this product is as a pre-wash, here is a 50:50

Never fails to impress! However, there was still a good amount of dirt on the car and therefore I filled the 2 buckets with warm water, and gave it a good glug of the new Lather shampoo

The first thing you notice is the consistency. It's a lot more viscous than the previous versions! I like this as it's easier to control the dilutions. I 'Lathered' the wash bucket using the jet wash, and it's at this stage you really see the improvements made over the previous versions. It instantly bursts with suds which very quickly started to over flow the bucket.

I love loads of suds in a shampoo as I believe the air is what helps the mitt glide over the paintwork. You can also see here that the suds stick around for a decent length of time, extending the life of the shampoo on the paint.

It's at this point that you notice the immense cleaning power of the shampoo! The car was filthy, but it seemed to clean with ease (no doubt helped by the level of protection on the car)

The state of the rinse bucket shows how well it performs:

You may think that due to the amount of suds, the shampoo would be difficult to rinse? Far from it! It rinses incredibly easy which probably impressed me most about it.

Once rinsed, the car was left spotless with no 'film' on the paint which you get with some shampoos. It feels like an excellent maintenance shampoo and it's actually the first shampoo in 2 years that I've thought overtakes my usual favourite, Wolf's White Satin. Maybe not as slick (WS is the slickest shampoo I've tried!) but the cleaning power and easy rinsing make it a better overall package.

The only slight criticism I could offer is that the lovely tangerine scent doesn't fill the nostrils whilst in use too much.

The car was dried, tyres dressed with the new Satin (seperate review thread) and we're left with a nice clean car

To conclude, I'd say that AF have nailed it with the latest version of Lather. I really enjoyed using it and will certainly be adding a couple more bottles to my kit bag.

Thanks for reading,

Jon :detailer:
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