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Hey everyone!

Just picked up your new dream machine and ready to go at the paint, remove any dealer marks, respray nastiness or simply bring her back to a factory shine? Not sure of the best way to go about it? Worried that you'll make things worse than they are? Working up a bit of a cold sweat just thinking about it?

Then take advantage Shinearama's one-on-one training days. A full day devoted to decon, prep, and machine polishing, on your car, just you and Phil, our Swissvax and GTechniq-authorised detailer. Learn the tips and techniques of DA polishing, rotary polishing, or both. You can even bring your own kit if you wish.

And as an added extra incentive, all training booked before 20th December will receive and EXTRA half-day training devoted just to the dark art of wet-sanding, normally £125, FREE OF CHARGE.

So don't delay, simply call, pop in or email/PM me to get your day (and free half-day) booked now!

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