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A fellow Civinfo member contacted me a while back to check if I would give his car a going over. I'm not one to say no to some detailing experince :)

And, very kindly, one of the guys from the company behind mine lets me use his unit now whenever I'm doing a car :)

So, here we go...

I gave the car an enhancement and winter protection

Time started - 8.30am

Car on arrival

I had some new toys to play with - A Nilfisk C120 and AMFoam from AMDetails

Good foaming action

Wheels and tyres cleaned using G101 and Wheel Woolies

Really nice wheels under all the crap

Iron-X then Tardis applied

I decided to give the car a hand wash, 2BM using my waxybox sample of CarChem TailorMade shampoo (nice and minty)

Car after hand wash, Iron-X and Tardis

Car was then clayed using Bilt Hamber clay

For a car that's only a few months old, there was a fair amount of contamination

I decided to give the car a G101 spraydown...just in case...

The car was then moved inside for polishing

Here's my new favourite toy

Car after being dried

Taped up

I checked the paintwork for swirls and scratches. Virtually nothing

I decided to use Megs 205 and a finishing pad as the paintwork was pretty good

I like a manly MF cloth

There were some marks under the wing mirror, possible marring, but these were easily removed

Arty shots coming up

After polishing, I then done an IPA wipedown

I decided to use my new Bouncer's Winter Wax as the LSP

The tyres were then coated with CarPro PERL

Glass polished with new formula Autoglym

Then, with the help of my boy, George, we gave the interior a good vacuum

Applied FK1000P to the wheels and CG Bare Bones underneath

Applied Gtechniq G5 to all of the windows but I will apply G1 if it doesn't last

Applied CarPro DLUX to the exterior plastics

50/50 on the arches

And finally, some finished shots...

Time finished - 4.30pm

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did working on the car.

I have to say, I wasn't a big fan of the 9th Gen but I am now, lovely car!

Thanks to Tom for letting me work on it


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Very nice job and good choice of products used. did you not fancy doing wheels in the Dlux as well :thumb:
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I've never tried it on wheels before and I wanted to use something I knew lasted a while :) will give it a try next time
Cheers it should out last the FK on wheels but all sealants on wheels come down to how often they are cleaned I have found if you seal wheels then can clean them often nothing more then a shampoo will be needed.

Only are thing I have noticed with the type of paint on your calliper same as mine if you get iron X type products on them to often they will rust quite quickly.

again very nice job on the car I do like 205 myself a lot :thumb:
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Easy on / easy off

Not seen much evidence of this "anti-misting" in action though...I think anti-misting will always be one of these urban myths lol
Yeah I was going to say, in cyprus we get a lot of mist whilst driving due to hot climate ect. I was going to get it to try out, but not so sure and now looking for opinions.

Thanks anyway! Top job again. Love the new civics
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