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New Formula Lather Shampoo

Hi Everyone :thumb:

A big thank you to Auto Finesse for giving me the opportunity to be part of your 20 strong reviewers.

My first review is for the new formula Lather Shampoo.

I do presently use the original Lather Shampoo as recommended to me when I was using the Werkstat system.

Taking note of thoughts of a couple threads already posted on the new formula, I decided to do a 30ml dosing of the shampoo to 90% bucket full of warm water.

Just filling the buckets, I could notice the strong fragrance the Lather was giving off. At the time of doing this review, I was using a dooka wash mitt that has only been used a handful of times.

My car had not been washed for two weeks and only as a result of recent weather to car did start to look in need a wash. The weather outside was not the best and I had a few times of rain water through the day

I did pre spray the lower areas of the car with Citrus Power and left to dwell for a short while before rinsing off with the hose and then giving the car a whole rinse over ( I always do this and won't put a wash mitt onto a dry car.

Using the two bucket wash method, I ensured the wash mitt was squeeze well within the wash bucket and to suck in the Lather.

I started with the roof area and side windows (before rinsing off with fresh cold hose water)

Before completing the middle areas all the way round the car (again before rinsing off) and finally the bonnet and rear areas before the final lower areas of the area (again before rinsing off)

Like how previously mentioned, when applying the wash mitt to the roof area, the Lather gave off a lovely strong based fragrance smell.

I felt the suds lifted the dirt off the really well but to me I really noticed that the Lather soap suds really cling to be body and stayed there until I hosed them off.

So for me as a current Lather Shampoo user, I do feel this new formula has a stronger fragrance smell and the soap suds cling really well and hence working its magic all the time to remove the dirt on the car.

I do feel this is very much an improvement of the original lather Shampoo and this gets the thumbs up from me :thumb:

Acouple of final pictures once finished and dried off. My wax on the car at present is BMD Genesis

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