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Hi guys, Phil here from Merseyside.

I've been wanting to get into detailing for a quite a while, been a long time lurker. I've got a Mystic Blue E60 which is in dire need of a tidy up with the usual swirls everywhere.

I've just bought an In2Detailing DA8, but will be looking for advice on which pads/polishes to start with etc in the correct sections of the forum.
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Don't get hung up and bogged down with too much detail (despite the forum title!) get a pad - any pad, get some Meguires Ultimate Compound and have a go - you'll be amazed at the results - in a good way!


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Hi Phil.
Thats a gorgeous looking car, and will look fantastic when you get it polished.
Do a bit of reading, ask plenty of questions, pick a few products and have a go.
Welcome along btw .

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I've been happy with my Autoglym Pad and Polish combo to be honest, did a good job when I had to lightly wet sand a bonnet last year (after filling tons of stone chips).
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