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I bought a used (ex-rental) Petrol Jet Wash off my local Hire Company - it was serviced before I bought it and has seen 5 years of very hard use since then. Its a Honda engine with a nice brass pump and a Nilfisk Alto Lance - it has detergent pick up - and an adjuster on the lance to use a second outlet for the foam etc.

So after a lot of use doing all sorts of work - the lance is now looking decidedly tired. The trigger lock wont work - and the exit for the jet spray itself is becoming worn.

However I have struggled to find a replacement.

Here is a photo of the working end (taken off from the quick release - the trigger unit attaches to this).

Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase a suitable quality replacement?? I have tried to call Nilfisk themselves but its like pulling teeth!

I am looking to buy both the lance and the trigger unit?


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