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Started with this for my first year of driving:

Changed to this when my mum got her new car:

Then started a project that's made me some amazing friends in the car scene:

Mg zr interiour and carbon boot handle, de wipered, pressed plates:

Made a De Badged grill:

Got me some tunes:

Fitted some springs and zr shocks:

Red tinted my rear lights:

Dropped some cash on it:

Test Fit:

Drove round the country and bought these:

Fitted a OMP wheel:

Got the matching center console:

Fitted a ZR splitter:

Fitted the matching side skirts:

Then got my front grill painted and fitted:

All fitted and wheels off for a refurb:

Painting interior parts:

Red headlining:

All finished:


Dash parts done:


Powdercoated top mounts:

MK2 rear bumper:

coilovers fitted:

Wheels all sanded down ready to be polished:

Bumper fitted:

Bought and fitted a MK2 boot:

Colour coded door rub strips:

Red Autoart rear lights:

Black Autoart front indicators:

Fitted my rear lights:

Sub and amp mounted:

interiour painted bits fitted:

Polished the wheel dished and had them powdercoated red:


Showed it off:

Went mad with filler:

Matching mats:

Bumper in primer:

Speedo surround painted and new mats to match the seats:


Started on the engine bay:


More engine work:

Edition 38 ready:

Bonnet lifters and dark ice strut brace:

Took it to a show:

New steering wheel:

Brakes painted:

20mm rear spacers:

Made the worlds best aerial:

And had it inside at GT autofest:

Smoothed mirrors:

Gear knob to match the wheel:

Mirrors smoothed:

Rear wheels spaced:

Front wheels spaced 5mm and how i roll daily:

Some proper pics with the new spacers fitted:

Then made my self a small boot instal, just need to get some new carpet now and hide the amp:

Cheers for all the comments and views guys :D

Little update:

Finished my boot instal:

Made some switches to mount on my dash for my horn and boot popper:

Colour coded my rear heat shield, removed the tow eye and painted the under side matt black:

Gave it a coat of Meguiars wax:


Ended Saturday night like this:

Finished today:

Got rid of the carbon wrapped mirrors for matt black ones:

Yes, Yes i do:

Rear strut brace:

Dash and clock bulbs changed to red leds:

Fog lights tinted black with vinyl to match the inidcators:

New door speakers, tweeters and crossovers:

Interior parts out ready to be sent to flocking:

Started on my iPhone mount, guna have a 3gs mounted with charging cable:


Should have everything back from flocking Monday or Tuesday :D

Tried to fit air, fitted but even fully compressed they sat to high :( :

Bought some smoked side indicators:

Machine polished it and applied some dodo juice for the winter:

Painted my exhaust back box high temp black and got a twin tip trim fitted on:

thanks to KP Flocking, colour match is perfect to my interior:

Interior flocking now fitted:

Sweetshop Meet on the weekend:

Then my head unit broke, been working on and off for ages and i couldn't be bothered to send it off for repair after being quoted £100 to look at it by JVC........

So bought a Clarion Vz409 touch screen unit instead, iv always wanted a flip up head unit which looks cool at shows but basic when not in use, this one seams to do everything and more i needed

Couldn't have asked for a better fit:

Free Advertising, apply within:


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Satin has started:

Cars booked in to be wrapped next Wednesday, colour has been chosen and will be pretty special imo.

Prep work started this afternoon, covered up after waiting for a bit of primer and paint Sunday

Both dents on the wing knocked out as best i could then given a light skim of filler.

Stone chips on the boot were sanded back as best i could then given a light skim over again:

The small trolley dent in the rear quarter filled over:

Rear splat holes filled over:

Stone chips on the fog lights filled over:

Then some marks on the front grill filled over as well:

Little bit more done:

Dents on both wings smoothed over - just need primer and some paint now:

Then after a hard year of hitting stuff i had a small crack on each side of my smoothed bumper, V'd the cracks out then re smoothed them, just need flatting back and painting now.

Also smoothed the screw holes for the number plate in the rear bumper so i can run a smaller show plate at err shows..

Finished the pre work after a long day, I don't ever want to see a dent again :S :S

All the stone chips on the doors flatted back and smoothed:

The a coat of primer and paint:

Bonnet dents pulled out and smoothed:

Dents in front wing finished and painted:

Dent on the top of the wing finished and painted:

Then finished with the front bumper, proper happy with how it turned out this time:

Primed and painted:

Chips on the drivers side smoothed and painted:

Finished in all its non matching silver glory:


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Nearly all back togheter - apart from the door handles which i need to paint before they can be wrapped Wednesday, and there's a few little edges which i need to take back for them to fix.

Apart from that i so happy with it :D :D :D

Dat Stance..

Show pate...

Got some interior flocking back as well, just waiting on my parcel shelf now, i also carbon wrapped the scene mirror:

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

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Bought a new amp for my front components, now have the sub and components amped, ran 11 gauge wiring to the speakers.

Made a fiberglass box to mount the sub in the spare wheel:

Went to a few meets:

Then this morning carbon wrapped the top part of my front bumper:

Started off by carbon wrapping the side wings under the bonnet to match the front of my bumper, also re polished the bonnet struts and other stainless items then cleaned the bay:

Next the wheels got re polished and re sealed:

Also got board of the blue heat shield so wrapped it carbon, then got board of the black rear diffuser so also carbon wrapped that, proper happy with how it came out:

Painted my amp covers and one was black and the other silver, had loads of orange peal but after a quick wet sand they come up fine:

Then re fitted my sub box, and cut the carpet to suit, screwed the amp plates back on:

Parcel shelf is back:

Recycling car parts:


Then some more show/ meet pics:

Finally made a floor in the boot i could trim:*

wood cut:

made a wooden frame to mount the amps:

trimmed the floor in black carpet and added a colour coded plate:

fitted in place, just need to make a back section now:

colour coded show plate:

re polished and sealed the wheels:

gave it a service:

carbon'd the horn and worn handbrake:

a rolling shot:

how it was sitting the other day:

scene tape time:


Some show photos from Mod nats and players:

Got a snap off boss, dildo gear stick and a few other little bits coming next week, also going to order 2 new front wings and a new bonnet on pay day to fix my dented ones, will be getting these wrapped along with the front bumper re done before trax !

Got some clear front indicators and swapped the clear fogs back on, also been offered a feature with Scene:status and slam media ! :D:D

Got some new mesh for the front grill, much better now its matching:

Snow Foam Fun

A rolling shot

Then some show photos to keep the thread alive

Closest I'm getting to fast car at the moment...... :(

Some Trax Pics:

Few updates:

Red fog lights done properly this time:

smoothed and trimmed the rear quarter panels in the boot:

Changing cv boot and cv joint, 1st world low problems...

Carbon roof drain strips:

Carbon gear surround:

Wind deflectors:


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New wheels bought, should be with me the start of next month - i'm not one for keeping things under wrap so thanks to a quick photoshop from a mate (jon) they should look like this fitted:

unsure weather to keep them silver of paint them candy red...

Also got some new 195, 40, 17 tyres as well.

Few updates:

managed to rip a side skirt off, glued it back on but need to get it re wrapped next week, completely my fault but a pisser non the less:

Carbon wrapped switch blanks:

Had some more flocking done:


Also gave the seats, handbrake, centre console etc a proper clean and re condition the leather:

Rear end shot:

And that's it up to date for now :D (04/11/13)

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My opinion, you're spending all this money on flocking, get all the grey dash and door card plastics flocked black at least nothing worse then random bits of flocking, looks amazing when all finished though!

Love the colour seen an s3 on instagram with a body wrap like this

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No one can deny the epic transformation your car has undergone.
Maybe a couple of bits i wouldn't go for personally, but hell! its your car, and i really respect the time, effort, and no doubt expense you have lavished to make it yours.
Some really quality work, and some cool ideas, i think i love it! :thumb:

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My opinion, you're spending all this money on flocking, get all the grey dash and door card plastics flocked black at least nothing worse then random bits of flocking, looks amazing when all finished though!

Love the colour seen an s3 on instagram with a body wrap like this
Cheers mate, i'm thinking of doing a facelift dash conversion in black for next year with the doors to match.

I also seen the A3 done haha, it seams to be a hit colour with everyone.

15k here and I ain?t even got a lollipop
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Well have to credit your effort and i like the final colour, and people will ask what you spent and you are crazy, but its what you have got out of the project that counts your the one thatsa working to pay it. I have never been into modded cars but you can see the labour of love you have put into this car well done.
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