Hey guys,

Selling a full Opti-coat Pro Range including the Pro Plus coating and all maintenance products.

I got this on a detailing road trip to Holland last month. I was going to coat my own car with it but another option has come up. It was a spur of the moment discussion and purchase so the option is there for someone else to buy if they desire. Please see the attached purchase sheet showing cost etc. I can keep the products but if anyone is interested……

Items listed below -

Opti-Coat - Pro Plus (Coating)
Opti-Coat - Fabric (Clean & Protect)
Opti-Coat - Glass (Glass Cleaner)
Opti-Coat - Ferrex (Iron Remover)
Opti-Coat - Power Clean (APC)
Opti-Coat - Tire Gel
Opti-Coat - No Rinse (ONR)
Opti-Coat - MDR (Mineral Deposit Remover)
Opti-Coat - Hyper Seal (Coating Topper & Semi Sealant)

£220 Posted-

Open to offers