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If you can be bothered, get a fabric marker and put a little mark on the edge, then add another every time it gets "demoted"

0 mark - Bodywork
1 mark - Glass
2 marks - Door shuts...

Personally I just judge by eye and feel.

Sharpie Permanent Laundry Marker Fine Black - Pack of 1: Office Products
Cheers mate for your help the problem is ive got
2 plush mf towels same colour one for sealent
and one for ipa the only problem is i cant mark
numbers on the plush towels as there is no border
at all.

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I bought blue ones I use for the inside then have a couple of dedicated cloths for the windows then after that I follow the below...

Bit dirty
Bit more dirty
Door shuts
Engine bay
New cloths for polish etc then relegate them down the order the only thing missing from the list above is "Bin" :thumb:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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