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Another vote for the Flex, it's been designed for detailing. I have the battery option which is a bonus for mobility. No cables and light.
FWIW I had not realised what an asset this was, perfect for how I work, a real little gem. No lugging around, whips straight back in a draw.
Trying to dry a car too much is a waste of my time and pointless. It will remove most quickly and straight to a pat dry anything left and small MF wipe around.
Onto wheels and get that water removed is a lot easier and quick. It's no longer a race and time can be taken to go over the water traps again, grills, badges, mirrors, under bonnet, door jams etc. Then roll the car pack a little and give the wheels a second go. Sorted.
A lot more efficient and less stressful leaving the last step QD'ing or whatever top up preferred.
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