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What is it?

61 Reg Renaultsport Clio 200 finished in mercury silver (Only 60 in this colour I believe) with recently fitted cup spoiler! Previously owned by myself but now owned by my brother as I have a Evo..


Pretty much followed my standard method with a few additions

1) Wheels washed using AF lather and variety of brushes
2) Hit with some AF iron out.. Not much contamination!
3) Wheels rinsed off
4) Body rinsed and badges etc tackled with AF citrus power with a soft head detailing brush
5) Body cleaned with AF lather and a lambswool mitt
6) Body rinsed down and then clayed using a Megs clay bar
7) Body then dried off using a Megs drying towel
8) Bodywork polished using AF tripple.. generally two hits of this on most panels
9) Sealant time.. AF tough coat then applied.. two coats of this..
10) Thin coat of AG HD wax (Haven't used this in a while!)
11) A thin coat also of AF Illusion.. I LOVE THIS WAX and cant resist from using it haha!
12) Glass cleaned using AF crystal and then RainX applied to all glass.. first time using this product.. will be interesting to see results!
13) Tyres dressed with contour tyre dressing
14) Exhaust tips cleaned up using some WD40 and a tiny bit of AG SRP

Here are the finished shots...


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